Exposed: Confessions of a Groupie Part 1 of 3

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Exposed: Confessions of a Groupie
Written By Robert Littal
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Over the past 2 months Robert Littal has interviewed over 50 women in regards to their relationships with professional athletes. They range from professional groupies to Wives who have been with athletes for more than a decade. In part 1 of this 3 part series, Robert Littal interviews groupies who tell us how does it feel to always be the other woman.

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Wednesday, July 12th

Exposed: Confessions of a Groupie Part 3 of 3, The Athlete's Perspective

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Exposed: Confessions of a Groupie Part 3
Written by Robert Littal
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The hardest part of this three part expose’ was finding an athlete willing to talk on the record. Because of my connections with The Ohio State University (I am an alum) and my site, I have access to many professional athletes from various leagues and while a number of them answered my emails and calls for information, none of them wanted to be a part of the actual story except one. The only way he would do the interview is if I didn’t mention what sport that he played, if he was married or single, what race he was, used a fake name for him that had to be generic and I had to sign a fax agreement that I would never revealed his name to anyone. After agreeing to his terms here is the interview as followed.

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Monday, July 10th


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Written by Robert Bonnette
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ESPN is clearly not what it once was when it comes to being a quality network. Once the gold standard for sports television journalism, it has now become a mockery of itself for a number of reasons. While we could probably make a list of twenty or more things that are wrong with the network today, there are seven that really stand out to me. Here they are, ESPN’s seven deadly sins, the infractions that make it more like MTV than a sports network.

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Sunday, July 9th

Exposed: Confessions of a Groupie Part 2 of 3

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Exposed: Confessions of a Groupie Part 2 of 3
Written by Robert Littal
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In part 2 of our expose’ on the lives of athletes in relation to groupies, we speak to the wives and girlfriends to get their perspective. Similar to part 1, I conducted 5 separate interviews with 5 different women. Some of the questions were for all of them others were specific to their situation. I think you will be very surprised, as I was at some of their responses.

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Tuesday, July 4th

Great White Hope? Who Will Be The Next Larry Bird??

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The Next Legend
Written By Jason Logan
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Since the mid-90’s the National Basketball Association and the mainstream sports media have tried to anoint various young stars as the next Michael Jordan. Starting with Harold Minor on down to Dwayne Wade this year during his team’s, the Miami Heat, championship run, the cognoscenti have searched for that rare player who combines a Madison Ave Q-rating, street credibility, and stellar ability on the court that leads to championship rings just as His Airness did seemingly from Day One during his three tours of duty in the Association. I’m numb to that pretty much because I know there will never be another player exactly like Jordan no matter how much people like David Stern, Kobe Bryant, and Stuart Scott wish it were so. No, I pay more attention to who will be the next great white American player in the NBA. The next Larry Bird, the next Larry Legend so to speak who will remind the public that white guys still have game..........

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Chicago Bulls: 2009 NBA Champions?

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Chicago Bulls: 2009 NBA Champions
Written By Jarrod Halsey
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Make no mistake, Ben Wallace signing a four-year, $60 million contract with the Chicago Bulls will prove to be the best free agent acquisition in the franchise’s history. The Heat better get another one next year, because this deal signifies a huge swing in power in the NBA’s Eastern Conference in the long run........

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Monday, July 3rd

The Grass Isn't Always Greener: My Life With A Professional Athlete

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The Grass Isn't Always Greener
Written by Sidney Gracen

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be a involved with a professional athlete? Sidney Gracen has and she would like to share her story with you.

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The Top 28 NBA Wifeys

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NBA Wifey
Written By Robert Littal
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One of the perks of being a baller is normally you have your choice of the finest women on the
planet. We present to you the 28 finest NBA wives and girlfriends. How does your significant
other stack up?

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The Top 50 Athlete Wives We Forgot

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Written By Robert Littal
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We admit it, we left out some very attractive Wifeys on our last list, but we have corrected the
problem, by listing the Top 50 Sexiest Athletes Wives and girlfriends we missed the first time
around, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

Click Here For THE TOP 50 SEXIEST WIVES & GIRLFRIENDS we forgot.

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Darth Kobe

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Darth Kobe
Written By Robert Littal
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I love Darth Kobe. I liked Kobe Skywalker but I have been waiting to see Darth Kobe for a long
time. And when I say a long time, I mean for 10 years I knew this day would come. It wasn’t a
matter of if, just when. I knew Bean had it in him to become Darth Kobe one day and the signs
were there from the beginning. At 17 he told his high school girlfriend he wasn’t taken her to
prom because he was going with R&B singer Brandy. Think about that for a minute from the
young lady’s perspective. You are the girlfriend of the most popular guy in school and prom is
supposed to be your crowning day and he dumps you for basically a photo opportunity. That is
cold and only someone with the darkside inside him could do that to someone.

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Shaq's Dirty Little Secret

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Shaq’s Dirty Little Secret
By Robert Littal
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Sports are defined by good guys and bad guys. The fans makes those divisions under the
heavily influence of the media. With the advent of the Internet, sports talk radio and 24-hour
sports coverage on cable power influence this at its highest point. A man can break his ankle
ignore all of his doctors orders, come back to help his team make it to the Super Bowl and still
be branded as selfish (see Terrell Owens). Meanwhile a teammate breaks the cardinal rule of
discussing another player’s contract to the media and is praised as being a great teammate
(see Brett Favre). The majority of fans are followers; they are sheep incapable of making their
own conclusions when it comes to celebrities. Their ignorance is blinded by the premise that
athletes and celebrities in general are somehow better than the common man or woman. They
allow people who are no more knowledgeable than themselves to influence their opinions. The
only difference between me and the person reading this is that my thoughts are published for
thousands to see.

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Quitter: The Darth Kobe Story

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Quitter The Darth Kobe Story
Written By Robert Littal
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Are you hearing the whispers? At the water cooler, on the message boards, sports
talk radio, in the papers and all over the streets. They are saying Darth quit. Kobe Bean
Bryant the Ted Bundy of the NBA pulled a “Pippen” or a “Duran” depending on how old you
are in Game 7 against the Phoenix Suns. How is this possible? How does the most
competitive player in the NBA give up, admits defeat and fails to get off on his stool in the
12th round? How can perception change so much in a couple of days? From comparisons
to MJ to comparisons to 50 Cent when real thugs are around. Is it possible that Bean is a
studio gangsta? Did this really happen?

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How to Become an NBA Wifey

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Want To Be An NBA Wifey?
Written By: Danyelle Smith
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You can smell them coming a mile away. A hint of
Issey Miyake perfume blowing in the wind with each
step of their Jimmy Choo sling backs, and you know
they are looking for their next prey. It's open season
on every basketball court from here to Toronto and
girls looking for the ultimate "catch" have sharpened
their acrylic claws and are on the loose.

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30 Greatest Quotes in Sports History

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30 Greatest Sports Quotes In History
Written By Robert Littal

We have collected the 30 Greatest Sports Quotes Ever...Click Here To Count Them Down.
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Michael Jordan is Dead!!!

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Michael Jordan is Dead
By Robert Littal
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For decades the NBA has been looking for the next Michael Jordan, but I say it is time to let MJ RIP. Click the link below to understand why Michael Jordan is dead.

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The Top 40 NFL Fantasy Football Players

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Top 40 NFL Fantasy Players
Written By: Robert Littal
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With the NBA and NHL Finals finally over and the baseball season dragging along, there is
only one thing to look forward to and that is the upcoming NFL season. It is too early to
start breaking down teams, but it is never too early to talk about fantasy football. Here is a
break down of the Top 40 Fantasy Football Players for the 2006 season.

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The Champ Is Here: The Reasons Why The Miami Heat Are NBA Champions

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The Champ is Here
Written By Robert Littal
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I hate to say "I told you so", but I told you so. The Miami Heat are your NBA Champs and I will break down how and why it happen.

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