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07/19/2006: "Playahata: The Top 10 Most Hated On Athletes"

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Playahata- The Top 10 Most Hated On Athletes:
By Robert Littal
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To my understanding the term “PlayaHata” was termed by Bay Area rapper E-40 (if this is incorrect please email me). There are certain characteristics that make them easy to spot. First they are extremely jealous, secondly they never give credit when credit is due and lastly it is always personal. That is the big difference between a critic and a hater. A critic has valid reasoning for their criticisms where as a hater just speaks out of emotion with no rational thought behind it. Lets once again use Dwyane Wade as a subject and here is an example of a critic and a hater.

Critic- To help complete his game Dwyane Wade needs to continue to improve his 3-point shooting. Right now that is a weakness in his game that opponents can exploit. If you can force him outside of his comfort range of 17-18 feet he becomes a hesitant shooter.

Hater- This cat Wade can’t shoot, he be bricking shots all over the building, and if he didn’t have Shaq he wouldn’t anything. I tell you one thing, he is nowhere near Lebron’s level, he can’t touch Lebron, and personally I don’t think he is a Top 10 player in the league. If we drafted players right now, I would take Paul Gasol over his non-shooting, turnover prone ass.

Now that you have a better idea of what we are talking about, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Hated on players in sports.

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10- Vijay Sing

The anti-Tiger, not well liked on the tour, not well liked by the media and not well liked by the general public. Vijay has the trifecta.

9- The Denver Broncos Offensive Line

Defensive linemen in the NFL cringe when they see the upcoming schedule and see the Broncos. There cut blocking scheme legal or dirty is hated by all.

8- AJ Pierzynski

This picture sums up how the majority of major league players and fans feel about AJ.

7- Jeff Gordon

Especially hated by Chicago Cubs for his rendition of “Take me out to the Ballgame” when he starting off with the now infamous line:

“Hello Wrigley Stadium”

The golden boy of NASCAR has been hated on for among things from winning too much, not being a southern and being too good looking for NASCAR.

6- Lance Armstrong

Lance is on this list for an international flavor. Adore by many in the US for his battle overcoming cancer and winning 7 Tour de Frances. Hated by a few for cheating on his then wife with Cheryl Crow then dumping Crow weeks after finding out she had cancer herself.

Internationally there is no middle ground, everyone hates him. One because he was an American dominating an international sport and two because they think he was cheating (steroids among other things) to do it.

5- Randy Moss

The hate for Moss started before he even made it to the league. Branded a thug and drug addict before he was drafted he was predicted by many to be another Lawrence Phillips in the making. The hate only got stronger when he was in the league even though from the day he walked on the field he has been a premier receiver and far from the bust most thought he would be. Moss now with his 2nd team (Oakland Raiders) is still seen by many as a pot smoking, immature thug.

4- A Rod

There was a rumor that when Rodriguez was acquired by the Yankees he was secretly called behind his back “The Cooler” for the disturbing trend of teams that he went to getting worst and while the ones he left got better. Now he is getting hated on just for going to the park with his wife and kid. That is hate worthy of being in the Top 5.

The hate for A Rod is for multiple reasons. First he makes more money than some 3rd world countries. Second he has been accused of not being clutch. Third his image is way too clean. Fourth he has never won a championship.

Of course when it all said in done he will probably from a statistical standpoint be consider the greatest player ever, but I digress.

3- Kobe Bryant

Bean is the only person to appear on both list (#2 on the most Stanned List) he has a fierce fan base (more on that in the “Stan” article), but the hate for Darth is strong.

Like most of the players on the list, the reasons for the hate are numerous, just take your pick for Bean. 1- Dry humping white girls in Colorado, 2- Destroying the Lakers Dynasty, 3- Having a hot wife (#1 Sexiest Wife rated by us), 4- Being a selfish player or 5- Having a fake persona.

The difference in the hate for Kobe as oppose to say A Rod, is the anger. I get the feeling that if some of these people met Kobe in person they would want to pick a fight with him. Some may not like A Rod, but I don’t think they want to do bodily harm to him; I get the sense that is not the case with Bean.

2-Terrell Owens

The poster boy in the eyes of many fans and media of the arrogant, spoiled and selfish athlete. According to the haters he has destroyed franchises (San Fran, Baltimore and Philly) and is getting ready to destroy another (Dallas).

The media has brandish him with the label of being the worst person in the league and remember this is a league filled with drug users, wife beaters, drunk drivers, multiple felons and a player who was accused of attempted murder.

Chris Henry has been arrested 4 separate times and he has only been in the league for 1 year and Owens whose only crime is having a big mouth is the worst person in the league?

1-Barry Bonds

Barry is different from anyone on this list. All the other players have a strong fans base. The closes thing Barry has to a fan base is someone saying leave him alone, not because they like him, but because they are tired of hearing about him.

The media hates Barry, the fans hate Barry, MLB hates Barry, and the Feds hates Barry. Let’s think about this for a second. The FBI tried to get Arizona Diamondback pitcher Jason Grimsley to wear a wire to get evidence against Barry even though Grimsley didn’t even know him.

So we have the FBI instead of you know trying to make sure we don’t have another terrorist attack or trying to capture one of their Top 10 criminals running around in the states using our tax money to try to bring down Barry Bonds who isn’t even a supplier, at worst he is over the top user. If that is not hate I don’t know what is.

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on Monday, September 4th, Kobe said

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on Thursday, August 24th, verona said

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on Wednesday, August 16th, Rob said

Good article man, Im really feeling the site and I agree for the most part, but AI gotta be up there too, him and Moss get the exact same type of hate.

on Wednesday, August 16th, James said

Why Kobe gotta be hated on though

on Wednesday, August 16th, Maurice said

why niggas hatin on kobe though they just plain hatas huh anyways if u met kobe in person u wuldn't want to fight him where do u get yo info from homie ya stuff is gay u haterz

on Sunday, July 23rd, Nick the Quick said

Where is AI everyone hates on Iverson. No matter what he does he gets blamed for it when in reality he is one of the top 10 players of all time

on Saturday, July 22nd, Big D said

I am loving the list especially that pic of AJ, that is classic material right there.

on Saturday, July 22nd, Alex Rodriguez said

All the women love me and you can believe that playa.

on Friday, July 21st, T.O. said

What are you talking about Littal I love me some me.

on Friday, July 21st, Tony said

I like Barry Bonds leave that man alone.

on Friday, July 21st, Barry said

You can hate me now, but I can't stop now.

on Friday, July 21st, Vic said

Why is Barry wearing that choker in the pic?

on Thursday, July 20th, Melinda said

Alex Rodgriuez came come and cry on my shoulder any time

on Thursday, July 20th, T.O. said

I love me some me

on Thursday, July 20th, Q said

I thouhgt you said Bonds was going to jail

on Thursday, July 20th, Pete said

Nobody gets hated on more than Kobe

on Thursday, July 20th, Oliver said

That pic of AJ getting punched in the face is hilarious.

on Thursday, July 20th, Cubs4Life said

I am going to beat Jeff Gordan's ass when I see him.

on Thursday, July 20th, Ill Hip Hop said

They got it bad for Barry

on Thursday, July 20th, Terrance said

No arguments for this list

on Wednesday, July 19th, James said

No love for Barry

on Wednesday, July 19th, Frank said

White boy got stole in the face. I am laughing about that to this day.