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07/30/2006: "Hello McFly? Jason Giambi The Real Steroid Villain"

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Hello McFly? Jason Giambi The Real Steroid Villain
Written by Robert Littal
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I admit sometimes I am a little slow. Sometimes I see things that make perfect sense to me, but no one else seems to notice, so if I am wrong about what I am about to talk about, please let me know.

Am I the only one who thinks it is strange that the United States Government is ready to put Greg Anderson (Barry Bonds trainer) in jail for not talking about something he has already talked about? Speaking of Bonds isnít it a little crazy he is being hunted down like an animal by the FBI, IRS, MLB, BBD, TLC, 3LW and whatever other organization out just because he is an ass to the media and his head is 10 times larger that it was in 83? Isnít weird that Mark McGwire is in hiding, Sammy Sosa is Awol, Rafael Palmerio canít show his face, Jose Canseco is playing in a geezer league and Jason Grimsley was trying to be turned in Sammy The Bull? While all this has happen one player who is worst than all the others has been able to overcome scorn and actually be praised. Who is that person you may ask?


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People forget it wasnít Bondsí testimony leak that starting this whole steroid fiasco it was Giambiís. Giambi has admitted to be just as bad if not a worst steroid user than Bonds. Whereas Bonds was going into the Hall of Fame even if he never used Steroids it is doubtful that Giambi is even a major leaguer without them. Giambi admitted to the Grand Jury that he took several different types of performances enhancers while with the Oakland Athletics. It was those performance enhancers, which allowed Giambi to become a MVP and secure 120 million dollar guaranteed contract with the Yankees. After being exposed he gave a halfhearted apology, lost a massive amount of weight, had a tumor and sucked as a baseball player for a year and half.

Then after realizing that without the juice he was scrub, Giambi obviously did something because suddenly the weight came back and the homers started to come in bunches again. If you think he is not on something right now then you also probably think that Bonds never did steroids knowingly. Thanks to Jason Grimsley we know that HGH (human growth hormones), which MLB is not testing for, is still a major problem and it wouldnít surprise me if Giambi has cases of them in his garage (hey FBI why donít you go digging around his house).

Personally I could care less if Giambi is taking horse roids or HGH again, what does bother me is how he has gotten a pass from media and fans alike. He was voted Comeback Player of the Year by the fans last year. Lets think about this for a minute. What did he come back from? If I am not mistake he came back from being a cheat and he was rewarded for this? You think it was a coincidence that Giambi was horrible the first half of last season only to hit what seemed like 50 homeruns in the 2nd half? Even Floyd Landis thinks that is suspect. Was a trip to Mexico over the All-Star break the magic potion he needed? This year he is once again he is among the league leaders in Home Runs and people are more concerned about A-Rod sunbathing than this miraculous change in Giambi. Are you telling me if Sammy Sosa came back and hit 25 homeruns before the All-Star break no one would be talking about the possibility he was still on something?

Once again let me state this is not an indictment of Giambi, if I was him I would be happy that to the media is so fixated on Barry and the Tour De France to overlook he is once again cheating his way to greatness. It is ironic that the person who started this media monster is the same person who gets mentioned the least. How ironic indeed.

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on Monday, September 18th, vector said

milf milf milf milf milf

on Sunday, August 13th, No honor among thieves said

What about Matt Lawton? He was juicing when he took over for a hurt Bernie Williams in center field. Without him the Yankees don't make the playoffs. MLB tested him & knew he was dirty during the regular season. They waited until the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs before they made the test results public. So he gets suspended for 10 the following season? It's all about money. If Jason Giambi is playing in Tampa or Kansas City he gets hung out to dry. If Goerge Steinbrenner really cared about Yankee Pride he would have bounced the clown out of town by now. He really only cares about that when things are going his way. Time to get with the program MLB & test for HGH.

"Growth hormone made its name because it was a way of trying to accomplish the same things one tried to accomplish by taking steroids, except that you cannot find growth hormone using regular methodology in the urine. So it was a way of beating the steroid test."
-- Dr. Gary Wadler, National Public Radio, Aug. 26, 1999

on Wednesday, August 2nd, Ulis said

Let Giambi live

on Tuesday, August 1st, Charles Hunt said

Alright here's my OPINION, the reason that Giambi gets a pass is because he did the right thing and admitted to his wrongdoing. The American public is very forgiving of those who acknowledge when they've done something wrong and apologize for it. If Bonds had admitted to doing steroids he would have been forgiven by now, cheaters can be tolerated but liars cannot, case-and-point, Pete Rose. Back to Giambi, sorry about the parenthesis, I don't believe Giambi is on something, although I could be mistaken, I think most of his new body weight is probably fat which explains his slower bat speed. After the infections and tumor his body finally got back to its regular metabolic rate. Also, since he had taken steroids, his body would be in a better positon to regain strength as opposed to someone who had never taken them.

on Tuesday, August 1st, Taylor said

I am still trying to find out how he won the comeback player of the year award

on Tuesday, August 1st, Gerald said

Giambi sucks, fat steroid bastard

on Monday, July 31st, Truth Hurt! said

The writer is right.This is just a product of the racism in America from whites.The free pass this guy gets with all the evidence against him is pure racism.Now only is this guy most likely still on but the public rewards him for being a [email protected] back from roids to winning come back player of the year!

What a joke white people are to support this ahole and talk about roids and how its affecting the kids and etc.Yet they go out and vote for Gambi for come back player of the year?

Some of them know their racist but their minds are so freaked up!

on Monday, July 31st, Abtin said

I agree with you , This Giambi guy is a complete dirt ball. I have hated him ever since his early Yankee days right before when he got signed. he made an Ass comment like "I would never sign with a team for just money".

I wish this animal nothing but the worst.

on Monday, July 31st, Zach said

Just because of the sudden gain in weight and preformance dosn't mean that he is on preformance enhancers. SCREW ALL YANKEE HATERS that say he is on em!!!!

on Monday, July 31st, J. Montez said

I feel you. I thought I was the only one that notice how Giambi really opened this thing up to the extint that I have to hear about it every day. I'm waiting on half of the Little League World Series teams' tested positive for something.
Bonds does get a bad wrap and just because he isn't media friendly. And that comeback player of the Year shit was terrible. I was like only in the MLB can you use illegal substances come off them and get comeback player of the year. Its like oldschool LT (Lawrence Taylor) going into rehab and having an awful year and coming back the next out of rehab, hangin out with Darryl Strawberry, and Doc Gooden and finishin' with 18 sacks.

on Monday, July 31st, J.B. said

Even with him juicing, they still won't have the wild card or the division. Good article. I was thinking the same thing.

on Monday, July 31st, Carlton said

Don't forget about Sheffield he is a cheat too.

on Monday, July 31st, Peter said

I do find it interesting that no one is talking about Gimabi when we are talking about Steroids 24/7. The writer is right Giambi started this who thing and what he told the grand jury was about as bad as what that book game of shadows was about

on Monday, July 31st, Alex Rodriguez said

Yeah and he also smokes weed in the parking lot

on Monday, July 31st, Derek Jeter said

You just a yankee hater

on Sunday, July 30th, Michael said

Who the hell are you to question Giambi?

on Sunday, July 30th, Nick said

Where is the proof against Bonds or McGwire for that matter? Giambi is an admitted cheat and I have to hand it to him if I could cheat to make 120 million then admit to it and have everyone forget I would do it to

on Sunday, July 30th, Big O said

a couple of things here... 1) I agree why is he not scrutinized. 2)Kevin said show me proof that Giambi is still juicing... if that's the case show me proof that Bonds ever juiced(he never got caught) 3) another thing everybody bashes A rod why is no one bashing Randy Johnson's lack of pitching, screw the yankees

on Sunday, July 30th, Illside said

He might have just work hard to get back in shape. What about that Littal?

on Sunday, July 30th, Gerald said


on Sunday, July 30th, Frank White said

Is there anyone you won't hate on? You the biggest hater online

on Sunday, July 30th, Red Sox Nation said

Giambi is a fraud when the playoffs come he will be the choker he always has been.

on Sunday, July 30th, Curtis said

Screw the Yankees

on Sunday, July 30th, Bobby said

Steinbrenner knows how to manpiulate the media. He doesn't like A Rod, but he loves Giambi and Jeter

on Sunday, July 30th, Mitch said

I was thinking the exact damn thing to be honest.

on Sunday, July 30th, Kevin said

Everybody is a Yankee hater that is all it is. What are you facts that Giambi is still juicing show me some proof. Who are you to judge.

on Sunday, July 30th, Barry Bonds said

About damn time somebody wrote this.

on Sunday, July 30th, Justin said

Their faces in that pic are priceless