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09/03/2006: "An Open Letter To Alex Rodriguez"

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An Open Letter to Alex Rodriguez
Written Robert Littal
Email Robert Littal

Let me apologize Alex for not getting in touch with you sooner. I have gotten all of your voicemails, emails, text messages, two-ways and hand written notes. I am not ignoring you, but things have been a little hectic for me. The NFL and college football seasons are coming up, I went to Vegas and had to deal with all of these steroids cheaters. But that is no excuse Alex for not helping you out, so I have set aside some time to write you this letter.

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Luckily for you Alex I am good at this type of thing; did you know that my first article ever for BSO was An Open Letter to Tim Duncan? (check out the retro BSO style) It didn’t really work, but it gave me valuable experience in what goes on in the mind of an athlete. I single handily turn Kobe Bryant’s career around. I know you have read “Darth Kobe” because you told me it is what inspired you to contact me in the first place. T.O., A.I., Mike Tyson, etc etc I have help them all overcome some of the same things you are going through. I have been observing your situation and I have come up with a couple of things that can help you out.

First off stopping worrying about the money. We all know how much you make. We all know that 252 million dollars is a lot of money. Let me tell you something Alex ask anyone in the media or on the street who has ever criticized you for making too much money if they would turn down 252 million if it was offered to them regardless if they were worth it or not? Nobody and I mean nobody is going to turn down 252 million if it is offered to them. If they say they wouldn’t then they are some bold face liars. A lot of people are envious of you Alex and when people are jealous they start to spread hate. They figure since they are miserable they will make you miserable as well. You are worth what they pay you regardless of what anyone else think. So stop worry about it, if anything you should be laughing your ass off everyday because you got someone to pay you that much. You care too much about what everyone else thinks about you Alex, just do you.

Secondly I want you to repeat this at least 5 times a day:

I am not Derek Jeter
I am not Derek Jeter
I am not Derek Jeter
I am not Derek Jeter
I am not Derek Jeter

I know you want to be loved like Derek Jeter, but it is never going to happen so get use to it. There is nothing you could do that is going to change that perception that Jeter is clutch and a team player while you choke in big game situations and are all about the money. It wouldn’t matter if you hit a game winning walk off grand slam in Game 7 of the World Series you still will not be seen on the level of Jeter. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will stop trying to act, talk, and walk and do everything like him.

You are in NYC Alex, you can’t be all docile worrying about other people feelings that may fly in Seattle but on the East Coast you got to stand up and be a man. You need to tell the fans to go screw themselves, because they will respect you more for standing up for yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself is not going to win you any fans Alex; to be honest you are acting like a real sensitive guy in a not so sensitive situation. I get that you want to succeed and win more than probably anyone else in the world, but all this stress you putting on yourself is only making worst. You don’t need any advice from Reggie Jackson or Don Mattingly; you are the most gifted ballplayer in MLB start acting like that.

Let me quote Jay-Z here Alex when I say it is time to “Get Ya Swagger Back”. Right now you look like you just lost your puppy or something. Alex you need to look at the brightside. You get big bucks, you got a nice family and for all accounts you are a good guy. You have been pretty bad all year and your team is still cruising to the division title, so what are you stressing over. If anything you should be laughing at the fact your can strike out 10 times in a row and it doesn’t matter because you play for the mighty Yankees. In theory this is the perfect situation for you. You don’t have to do it all; you just have to do your part, so why are you trying to be Superman?

Alex, NYC is a fickle city, so all hope is not lost. I mean look at how they are Jason Gimabi best friend now even though they have to know he is juicing again. You hit a couple of homers last week and all of a sudden you were getting curtain calls. Follow my advice Alex; call Darth he will tell you I know what I am talking about. You have a chance to redeem yourself in the playoffs; don’t blow it because I don’t have time to write you another letter.

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on Tuesday, September 5th, Q said

that open letter to tim duncan was funny as hell. Also I don't get the impression that he is dissing Arod as much as telling him not to care about what people think.

on Tuesday, September 5th, Big O said

I love the site but the open letter to Tim Dincan was gay, you are worried about another man's wardrobe and facial expressions, who cares

on Tuesday, September 5th, Big O said

Leave him the hell alone, why is no one blasting Randy Johnson, he sucked it up this year also

on Tuesday, September 5th, Ben Rothlisberger said

Can you help me Mr. Littal

on Tuesday, September 5th, Ricky said

Arod is still the best player in the game, he was just going through a rough patch but everything is cool now.

on Tuesday, September 5th, Bobby said

Arod should have went to the Red Sox, he would already have a ring, plus he would be able to play his true position of shortstop

on Monday, September 4th, Nick said

Arod is gay

on Monday, September 4th, Gary Sheffield said

I am the best players on the Yankees when I am allowed to do steroids

on Monday, September 4th, Billy said

He is still a bum. Lets see what he does when the playoffs come around

on Monday, September 4th, Team USA said

Can you help us?

on Monday, September 4th, Z-man said

You saved ARod career

on Sunday, September 3rd, Big D said

A Rod hitting now the Yankees are comfortably ahead. But when the race was close he wasn't hitting for nothing. Something strange about that

on Sunday, September 3rd, Lil JT said

Is Giambi really still on steroids? I read the article about that, but do we have any proof

on Sunday, September 3rd, ARod said

Thank you this really help and by the way up yours jeter

on Sunday, September 3rd, Melinda said

Jeter is fine

on Sunday, September 3rd, Tina said

Alex Rodriguez is so sexy. I don't think Derek Jeter is attractive at all.

on Sunday, September 3rd, Tim said

Damn I just read that article to tim duncan this site has come a long way cause that layout looked horrible, but it was a cool article though. How long has this site been around?

on Sunday, September 3rd, Jermaine said

Like you said Arod is just a senstive guy. It looks like he is turning the corner, but i find it ironic that he is now hitting homer runs when they are like 10 games up now.

on Sunday, September 3rd, Jason Gimabi said

You keep talking about me juicing and i am going to go roid rage on your ass

on Sunday, September 3rd, Derek Jeter said

He will never be like me. I sleep with the finest women in the world. Plus I got 4 shining rings on my hand. Plus I play his best position. He is a scrub at 3rd base. he can carry my bags

on Sunday, September 3rd, Vic said

It seems like he took your letter to heart he hit two more homeruns today