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09/13/2006: "The Day Before Tomorrow: Robert Littal's NFL Picks Week 2"

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Live and Direct from the Basement its Robert Littal

Here is the written version of the picks for all the gamblers out there with the scores. I am guaranteeing an 12-4 week.

Last Week (straight up): 7-9
Last Week (against the Spread): 7-9

Season (straight up): 7-9
Season (against the Spread): 7-9

Pittsburgh Steelers 17 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (-1) 21

The Jags will ride the momentum from beating the Cowboys at home to a victory over the Steelers regardless of who is playing at QB.

Washington Redskins 13 vs. Dallas Cowboys (-5.5) 28

Simply put if the Cowboys lose this game, Bledsoe has to go the bench.

New York Giants (+2) 21 vs. Philadelphia Eagles 20

This is a must win for the Giants who donít want to go down 0-2 and have the Eagles go up 2-0 in the division.

Tampa Bay Bucs (+5.5) 23 vs. Atlanta Falcons 13

The Bucs arenít as bad as they looked last week and the Falcons arenít as good as they looked.

Arizona Cardinals 24 vs. Seattle Seahawks (-7) 34

The Cardinals are going to score some points, but it doesnít look like their defense can stop anybody.

Detroit Lions 10 vs. Chicago Bears (-8.5) 20

Lions WR Roy Williams guaranteed a victory, but he also said Texas would be beat OSU.

Carolina Panthers (+3) 21 vs. Minnesota Vikings 17

I not a believer in the Vikings just yet.

New England Patriots (-6) 17 vs. New York Jets 10

The Patriots looked bad last week, but I think it would be too much to think the Jets can pull off the upset.

Kansas City Chiefs 7 vs. Denver Broncos (-11) 30

I am grateful Trent Green is still alive.

Buffalo Bills 10 vs. Miami Dolphins (-6.5) 24

Daunte gets his first victory as Dolphin.

New Orleans Saints 17 vs. Green Bay Packers 31 (+2)

Did you ever think you would see the day where the New Orleans Saints were 2 point favorites against the Packers at Lambeau Field?

Saint Louis Rams 27 vs. San Francisco 49ers (+3) 28

For whatever the reason the Rams have problems with the 49ers in San Fran.

Oakland Raiders 10 vs. Baltimore Ravens (-11) 24

The good news is the Raiders will score a touchdown; the bad news is Aaron Brooks may not make it out of the first quarter.

Cleveland Browns 13 vs. Cincinnati Bengals (-10.5) 31

If the Bengals make it out of September at least 3-1 they are going to be a problem for the rest of the season.

Tennessee Titans (+12) 14 vs. San Diego Chargers 24

I think the Chargers will win but I am not comfortable with them winning by 12 points. Take the Titans and the points.

Houston Texans 10 vs. Indianapolis Colts (-13.5) 28

It is going to be a long year for the Texans.

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on Sunday, September 17th, Colt McCoy said

You 6-3 so far

on Saturday, September 16th, Toronto said

Hey RL, didn't know you had skills on the mic man! Good job. That Reggie Bush joke about the boosters was hilarious man. Keep it up.

on Saturday, September 16th, blitz said

your guarantee for a 12-4 week is cool the only problem you only have fifteen games listed you forgot to add the panthers vs vikings.....at that rate you should be predicting a 12-3 record

on Saturday, September 16th, RaZe said

I can agree with most of these...I wouldnt say your picks suck, but sometimes I wonder what you base them on.

on Saturday, September 16th, James said

What do we get if you don't go 12-4

on Saturday, September 16th, Big D said

I don't think you going 12-4 homie

on Saturday, September 16th, Mario Williams said

I guarantee 2 sacks of Peytone Manning

on Friday, September 15th, Jamie said

Normally your picks suck, but I agree with most of these.

on Friday, September 15th, Kelly said

I lost money because of you last week, you better redeem yourself.

on Thursday, September 14th, Drew Bledsoe said

Didn't you see play last week I was awful

on Thursday, September 14th, Kenny said

I thought you were an expert, you suck

on Thursday, September 14th, Big Ben said

you got a lot of hate in your heart for pittsburgh don't you?