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10/03/2006: "Sex, Lies & Videotapes: T.O. Comes Back To Philly..Facts, Fiction & Opinions"

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Sex, Lies & Videotapes: T.O. Comes Back To Philly
Written Robert Littal
Email Robert Littal

Well my friends, I have officially declared this week T.O. week. The formal prodigal son of the city of Brotherly Love will be returning to Philly this week for one of the most anticipated games of the year. From the day that Owens signed on the dotted line with the Eagles in 2004 until his alleged and highly publicized suicide attempt last week, he has been a lightening rod. BlackSportsOnline has been there for the entire ride and will now separate the facts from the fiction and of course your Bona fide Sports Expert will throw in some opinions as well:


FACT: Whenever T.O. was on the field; he played hard for the Eagles.

During the 23 games T.O. played for the Eagles (including the Super Bowl), he was a monster on the field. Regardless of anything you want to say about Owens, when the whistle blew and he was on turf, he was one of the best, if not the best receiver on the field, and this my friends is something you cannot and should not deny. Even when he was going through the contract problems last year, his game did not slip one iota.

FICTION: Donovan McNabb is a better QB without Owens

Ask any QB in the league if they would rather have a marquee #1 guy or a bunch of #3 receivers and they would not prefer the later. McNabb completion percentages, TDs and QB ratings were all career highs with Owens in the line and working the field.

OPINION: McNabb and Owens would have been best served if they had been able to work out of their differences.

T.O. was too sensitive, McNabb was too stubborn and they both were at fault. No offense to Drew Bledsoe and Donte Stallworth, but in the long team D Mac and T.O. being together would have given them the best chance to win a Super Bowl.

FACT: T.O. wasnít the only one who said McNabb got tired in the Super Bowl.

Several Eagles players including Brian Westbrook were quoted on the record as stating that most of the team thought McNabb was tired and dry heaving all over the field.

OPINION: Donovan McNabb blew the Super Bowl.

Donovan McNabb is a very good borderline-great QB, but you donít get many opportunities to shine on that big stage! The Eagles had everything working for them that night except for stellar QB play. Unfortunately for him, he didnít get lucky like Ben Rothlisberger and play like garbage and win. The Eagles should have won that Super Bowl and he was the primary reason they didnít.

FACT: T.O. coming back to play in the Super Bowl was a medical miracle

Every doctor I have spoke to said they he had no business being on the field and the wrong hit could have ended his career.

OPINION: Because T.O. is T.O. he will never get credit he deserves for that Super Bowl performace.

Before the Super Bowl they said he was only coming back because he was selfish, after the Super Bowl they said he only came back because he was selfish. Regardless of what he think his intentions were if any other player in the league regardless if they step on someone's head or had 5 warrants for arrest would have been treated like a hero. Media manipulation at its finest.

FACT: T.O. didnít hold out.

Brian Westbrook held out, but T.O. did come to camp on time. Quote me on that one folks.

FICTION: T.O. came to camp with the teamís best intentions in mind.

In my opinion, he should have held out considering that attitude he brought to camp. There are a lot of players that are not happy about their contract situation and he could have handle it in a more professional manner.

OPINION: If T.O. went about his contract demands quietly, he wouldíve gotten a large payday from the Eagles.

I have several sources in the NFL who have said that the Eagles would have torn up his deal and negotiated a new one if he would not have made a big production out of it and played drama-free throughout the 2nd year of his contract.

OPINION: The Eagles had an opportunity to nip this in the bud from the start.

Those same sources say that Owens demands werenít unreasonable and if Drew Rosenhaus was given assurances that they would look into an extension after the season all of this could have been avoided.

FICTION: Drew Rosenhaus is a bad agent.

Rosenhaus may come off on TV and the press like he should have been an extra in the movie Scarface, but donít let the media fool you. Rosenhaus represents more than 80 clients in the NFL and GMs do not have a problem dealing with him. Just ask the Eagles whom he helped negotiate the trade of Donte Stallworth.

OPINION: Donovan McNabb was a little jealous of T.O.ís shine.

When T.O. got to Philly, he was treated like a rock star and was afforded all of the perks of the celebrity status afforded him. There were more than a few rumblings around the league that McNabb was envious of all the attention that T.O. received.

FACT: T.O. beat down Hugh Douglas.

Several members of the Philadelphia Eagles organization have substantiated the fact Owens laid out Hugh.

OPINION: Donovan McNabb should have done more to curtail Owens.

That opinion used to be that Donovan McNabb should have given Owens a beat down, but I have softened my stance a bit. McNabb as the self proclaimed leader of the team should have confronted Owens directly.

OPINION: Bill Parcells is actually enjoying this.

Parcells is as big of an egomaniac as Owens is and on some level I think he enjoys all the attention he and the Cowboys are getting on a National level. Just listen to his press conferences; it is like he has already rehearse his answers.

FICTION: T.O. is the worst person in the league.

T.O. was suspended for half a year, for talking too much, while Albert Haynesworth got 5 games for almost turning Andre Gurode into a one-eye patched pirate. Trust me, there are a lot worse players in the NFL than Owens.

FICTION: T.O. has been difficult in Dallas this year.

The hamstring injury was legit; I didnít like the being late for meetings, but he is not the only player in the league who has been fined for being late. He didnít break his own finger (as Skip Bayless hinted) and the alleged suicide was blown out of proportion by the media and some stupid comments by his publicist. By all accounts from inside the Cowboys organization, he has been a model citizen up to this point at least.

FACT: T.O. talks too much.

I would say 90% of the problems that Owensís has had over the past two years is because of his mouth. The sad thing it isnít that he is wrong about a lot of the things he is saying (see: Jeff Garciaís career), it is just that he doesnít realize that at this point in his career, anything that he says is going to be used against him.

OPINION: Forget about Owens and McNabb, the Eagles are the truth as long as Brian Westbrook is healthy.

The Eagles are playing well this year without having to deal with all of the T.O. drama, but it is clear that they are a different team when Brian Westbrook is healthy. He is already dinged up and plagued with an injury and they cannot and will not win playoff games without him.

FICTION: That it didnít bother McNabb in the least when T.O. criticized him.

Actually that is just a bold faced lie. McNabb, when presented with an opportunity to keep Owens on the team and possibly save their season, made it clear he wanted T.O. even when other teammates wanted him to say.

So there you have it my friends. My self appointed Cliff Noteís version of what has been going on over the past 2 years, which will all come to a head with the Dallas heads into Philly this Sunday. This is definitely a game to miss church for and trust me, God will understand.

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on Sunday, October 8th, Sabrina Morton said

I hate the Cowboys lost. But for the comment: Donovan McNAbb will never win a Super Bowl as long as he remains full of pride. He needs to admit his wrongs in the situation. Pride goeth before destruction. As for TO, he's human and he's humble. He just needs to learn to deal with hurt. His healing was miraculous because when God is for you, no one can stand against you. TO, take the punches and keep rolling to victory. IT'S ONLY A TEST.

on Sunday, October 8th, Randy Moss said

Does anyone care about me anymore?

on Sunday, October 8th, Greg Lewis said

Why you hating on me homie?

on Saturday, October 7th, Favre4life said

Mcnabb sucks, plain and simple, he blew it in the superbowl, the eagles are terrible without westbrook, he is the true key to the team. the eagles shall be missing T.O. and back in 2003, that 4th and 26 was a bad call, the packers should have won that game.

on Saturday, October 7th, David said

Best article I have read all week about this situation.

on Saturday, October 7th, Ricky said

I am confused, you did all this talking about T.O. but then pick the Eagles to win?

on Friday, October 6th, Will said

You are nothing more than a T.O. apologist, always was always will be.

on Friday, October 6th, Brian Dawkins said

I can't wait

on Friday, October 6th, Harry said

I am tired of all of the talking, lets just play the game.

on Friday, October 6th, getthesenets said

what's the over/under ...on how many drunk Eagles fans get arrested on sunday?

on Friday, October 6th, blkyoda said

I respect T.O.'s talent, and I love Mc5's game. I hate that T.O. screwed up a good thing in Philly - this will go down as one of the dumbest moves by an athlete since Stephon Marbury left the Timberwolves. Same situation: A definate Hall of Famer can't play with one of the best in the game (and potential hall of famer) because of ego. Littal makes it seem like it was both sides, it wasn't it was Aaaallll within T.O.'s power to quash this, get his money and keep playing. Great players stick it out with teams and make a name for themselves. T.O. will NEVER go down in history was one of the greatest Cowobys of all time, but he could've as an Eagle.

on Friday, October 6th, ESPN said

Thanks for making us more money with the hype

on Friday, October 6th, Jeremiah Trotter said

I will be knocking T.O. helmet off

on Friday, October 6th, Victor said

Great article, you continue to impress Littal keep it up

on Friday, October 6th, Q said

I can't tell if you are a T.O. lover or hater, or a McNabb hater or lover? Maybe that was your intention but you needed to clarify yourself.

on Friday, October 6th, blkyoda said

Owens blew a chance to dominate the NFC East and likely the NFC for the next 4 years. McNabb has actually gotten better as a QB as time has gone on, a rare thing for most quarterbacks. The quibbling over his greatness seems to have more to do with people's personal feelings about him than his actual winning and stats. be it top 3 or top 5 the EXPERTS say this dude is the truth, regardless of what pundits and fans say.
Let's be honest here. If I work at McDonalds and I spent 5 months dissing my co-worker, calling them lazy, incompetent and questioning thier manhood, to anyone who'd listen, then turn around and ask them to have my back when I go to the boss for a raise, what the heck do I expect?
There is a HUGE difference between the players who acknowledged that McNabb was dry heaving and having breathing problems in the SB and claiming 'I'm not the one who go tired'. On statement is fact, the other is an obnoxious attempt at needling. Lastly, T.O. tried to kill himself, it's plain as day, the man has serious emotional and self-esteem issues. And as Mc5 says, EVERYBODY who dogs him out, Limbaugh, Irvin and T.O. always end up having something bad happen to them. Mc5 may not be the best guy in the world but it's pretty clear that God don't like ugly.

on Thursday, October 5th, Jeff Garcia said

Anybody remember me?

on Thursday, October 5th, Timmy said

Fact: You Suck

on Thursday, October 5th, Chris said

Fact: McNabb will have ALOT better year than T.O. In fact McNabb just might win league MVP this year. That would be the ultimate slap in the face to T.O.

on Thursday, October 5th, Bill Parcells said

I am sooooooooooo fat and ugly

on Thursday, October 5th, Drew Rosenhaus said

Next questions

on Wednesday, October 4th, qdog said

I love the Eagles, but McNabb did blow that Super Bowl.

on Wednesday, October 4th, Nicobeats said

Eagles are the truth as long as Mcnabb and Westbrook stay healthy

on Wednesday, October 4th, Brian Westbrook said

Thanks for the love

on Wednesday, October 4th, Greg said

One of your best articles in awhile Littal

on Wednesday, October 4th, Sha Na Na said

This ain't nothing but a lovers quarral, they should just kiss and make up on the 50 yard line. They know they love each other, they know they do

on Wednesday, October 4th, Hugh Douglas said

The ambassor has to say something about this, first off T.O. didn't beat me down, he just beat my ass across the locker and when my Lover McNabb saw me getting my ass beat he just walked away. I cried myself to sleep that night.

on Wednesday, October 4th, Donavon McNabb said

Fact when I get to the Super Bowl and win a Super Bowl with out T.O. then what you going to say.

on Wednesday, October 4th, Fiction said

The Eagles win this Sunday against the Cowboys

on Wednesday, October 4th, philly G said

FACT: Eagles made it through the playoffs and into the Superbowl without T.O.

on Wednesday, October 4th, JaLoHo said

wow! actually a fair and balanced article about TO and the Eagles from BSO...what's the world coming to?

on Tuesday, October 3rd, Camron said

they look so sexy, no homo

on Tuesday, October 3rd, Albert Haynesworth said

Please T.O. do something again so I can be out of the news

on Tuesday, October 3rd, Ill said

I agree with you about one thing Westbrook is the MVP

on Tuesday, October 3rd, Big D said

It was a lot more TO fault than McNabb in my opinion

on Tuesday, October 3rd, Terrell Owens said

Mark it down 10 catches 300 yards and 5 TDs this sunday

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