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Written By Zeferino Jackson

Email Zeferino Jackson Bernard Hopkins was caught for strong-armed robbery and served almost a decade in one of the most vicious penal institutions in the country. During his time in the joint, Hopkins was branded with the nicknames “Executioner” and “Soapy”. He was released and later became the undisputed middleweight champion of the world.

Many reporters were shocked when Hopkins said this about rival, Antonio Tarver, “I used to see guys just like him on D-Block. He would have been taking it in the ass everyday.” Hopkins was referring to his past as an inmate at the Graterford Prison in Pennsylvania. Bernard Hopkins spent nearly a decade of his life behind bars at that prison, a prison notorious for inmate violence.

From Hopkins’ comment, we can only divulge that Hopkins finds the thought of grown men being sexually violated in their anuses to be humorous or entertaining. Tarver responded by getting in Hopkins’ face and declaring that he would have been able to handle Hopkins in the ring, the street, or even D-Block. The fact that many sources from the prison state that Hopkins got his nicknames “Executioner” and “Soapy”, because of his aggressive sexual activities on D-Block, is disturbing.

An old timer from the Graterford Prison that goes by the name of “Crusty An” paints Hopkins as a bullying figure that once beat a prison sparring partner to the verge of death for having refused to toss Hopkins’ salad! For those that don't know what "tossing salad" is, it is a despicable act in which prisoners are forced to lick the anus of other prisoners. These aggressive acts are also common in frat parties and are part of the new "hazing" craze.

According to several inmates that prefer to remain nameless, Bernard Hopkins is very well endowed and used this physical trait in combination with his intimidating persona to force even the most hardened inmates to submit.

Prison rape is a serious problem on the level of an epidemic. The perpetrators are usually big black dudes with 11-inch penises and the victims are younger black men or scrawny white individuals of all ages. According to many prisoners and ex convicts, if you are a young guy going to prison for the first time, you will most likely get several involuntary butt examinations in your first year as a “fish”. Experienced cons will approach you and give you cigarettes or chocolate. You will be under the illusion that these items are free but one day they will approach you and be like, “Hey, remember that day I gave you some chocolate? Well, you gots to give me the bootyhole for that, nigga. Sex me up mothafucka.”

Some men are so mentally weak that they submit with minimal resistance to the homosexual advances of corrupt police officers, corrections officers and aggressive fellow inmates. These mentally weak individuals become "bitches", dress in female clothing and often engage in prison prostitution for cigarettes, chocolates, etc.

One such weak-minded individual is simply known as “Spanky” and is a long time resident of the prison Bernard Hopkins used to call “home”. When I questioned Spanky, he made the following shocking statements:

“I would say he was my first and he always kept coming back for more.”

“He had a real big one, at least 10 inches. Sometimes he was very gentle, sometimes he wasn’t, you know? We was real cool until he stopped coming around. We used to call him “Soapy” because he tried to grab this guy in the shower one time but the guy was all lathered up and slipped away. Executioner couldn’t get a good grip because of the soapsuds. That guy got away but that same night, Executioner caught him and made him toss his salad because he said ain't nobody was gonna make a fool of him."

An excerpt from (HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH) gives us a good idea of the things that go on in prison:

My abuse started in the County Jail where I was raped by four inmates . . . . [In prison, a few years later,] I was put in a cell with a gang member who made me give him oral sex. . . . . [After reporting the incident to two officers,] I went to see a psychologist who told me that I'd caused that inmate to sexually abuse me because I walked around thinking that I was better than the others. He said that I should come down out of the air . . . . [After being transferred to another facility and sexually abused again,] I was put back in that same building, in a different cell. Still I was being asked for sex and told that I would have to give myself over one way or another; at this point (looking back on the matter), I can see that I was going through a brake down mentally. Anyway that night I'd made up my mind that I was taking my life for it seemed as if that was the only way out of that Hell. So the sleeping medication they was giving me, I saved for 8 days which came to 800 mg and I took them . . . . It is truly impossible to put into words what goes through one's mind when becoming a victim of rape. Being made into a person of no self worth, [being] remade into what ever the person or gang doing the raping wants you to be. --R.G., California inmate, October 1, 1996

Bernard Hopkins always says that prison made him a changed man for the better. Bernard Hopkins says he is the American dream. Why does Bernard Hopkins make light of something as serious as prison rape? Could it be because Bernard Hopkins was giving weaker men chocolate and making them pay him back with anal sex


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