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Written Robert Littal
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As I do every week on Thursday, I am reading my Sports Illustrated magazine (the one with Vince Young on the cover) and there is a featured article in the back about Tiki Barber. I used to like Tiki Barber— I told people all the time he was one of the most underrated RBs in the league, but every since his pending (and self-induced) retirement has become public, I have come to dislike him greatly. I am not one of those sportswriters who will tell you it is not a personal, because it is. I have no problem with him the player, but personally I think he is a self-centered arrogant jerk. I never met the man, if I met him maybe I would have a different opinion (probably not), but after reading this SI story (which was obviously slanted to put him in a positive light) it has only confirmed my original thoughts. My friends let me tell you why.

1-He obviously has an issue with being black.

Take this passage from the story where he is talking about his upbringing.

“Tiki Barber: nonthreatening, articulate, funny, intelligent, self aware and hugely confident without seeming like an ego-maniac. And then there is his diction, which is ethnically and geographically neutral, perfect for a news anchor.

“We grew up in a white middle-class community and had a mom who emphasized education and lived that neutrality”, Tiki says. “She didn’t speak that typical African-American diction”.

First off this SI Writer Karl Taro Greenfield should be suspended for writing this piece of garbage. Is he describing Tiki Barber or Jesus? Mr. Greenfield makes sure to go into great length to make sure everyone knows that Tiki doesn’t fit into any typical black stereotypes. While Tiki makes it clear that he grew in his white middle class community they emphasized education and not talking slang. I hate to break this to Tiki, but I grew up in a black low-class community and you know what my mom also emphasized education and being able to relate to all types of people regardless of race. Tiki also makes a huge point to make sure that everyone knows he doesn’t speak “That typical African-American diction”. One problem with our society is that we care too much about how someone speaks or looks as opposed to the person they are. Just because you speak like Dan Rather Tiki, doesn’t make you any better or worse than Chad Johnson. There is nothing worse than a person who is trying to run away from who he is. Tiki is black and no matter his diction, education or neutrality it is never going to make him white no matter how hard he tries.

2-He is a liar.

This article claims two things that are boldface lies:

1-That he didn’t want his retirement to become public.
2-He criticizes the coach to protect Eli Manning.

While doing a story on Tiki and his twin brother Ronde for the New York Times, a reporter allegedly overheard Tiki talking about retirement. According to Tiki the information was ran without his permission, which is a lie. Tiki could have easily told the reporter if he ran the information he wouldn’t complete the story or could have simply denied the story if he really wanted to wait until the end of the season as he claims. The more compelling evidence is what happens after the news was release. Tiki was in full P.R. and his agent immediately started to have meetings with companies about Tiki’s post-football career. Don’t insult our intelligence Tiki, you claim you are so smart and every move is calculated, but then want us to believe you didn’t want this to happen and this was a fluke of nature? Only a fool would believe you.

Even more outlandish than him saying he didn’t want the story about his retirement to come out is the notion he criticized the coaching staff to take heat of Eli Manning. To quote Tiki:

“Yeah it was more to it,” he said when asked if he had been deflecting attention from Manning, “When I do something, there is more than one reason. There is a philharmonic in my head”.

Give me a break, you are a running back who only got 10 carries and was bitching about the same way every other player does in the league. You could care less about Eli Manning’s well being, but when a reporter gave you an out, you took it and made it seem like your idea. Stop the lies Tiki, stop the lies! Oh the humanity!

3-He thinks he is smarter and better than you.

One way you can always tell if someone believes they are smarter than you is when they use big words in general conversation. It is a way of looking down on people who may not have had the opportunity to get a liberal arts education or read a new word in the dictionary. Another way people will try to point out how intelligent they are is by pointing out all the cultural things they do that the common man just couldn’t comprehend. This article makes sure you know that Tiki is way smarter than you and I.

Tiki uses words like: Pontificate, Replevin and Apotheosized. Make sure he lets you know that he talks about the North Korean nuclear weapons during lunchtime and has interviewed the Prime Minister of Iraq. Which are all lovely things, but it doesn’t make you any smarter.

A wise man once told me it isn’t what you say, it is how you live. It is obvious that Tiki is intelligent, but he is no better than you or I, not matter how many times he tries pontificating it.

4-He has mentally checked out on the season.

According to Tiki “the passion is gone”, of course in true Tiki fashion he also claims that he is so good it doesn’t matter. I cannot deny the fact he is having a good season, but if any other player in the league publicly said I have no passion to play I am already thinking about hanging out with Matt Lauer I wonder what the reaction would be? What would the reaction be if say Shaun Alexander made these comments:

“Quite honestly, I don’t have the passion to do it anymore. I’ll sit in meetings and I’m bored, or my mind is drifting or I’ll go out on Sunday on the football field and the blood isn’t flowing like it used to.”

Now that is a teammate you can count on.

5-He is too good to be a New Yorker.

He admits not being a “Giants guy” which once again goes back to the fact that he is too good for the rest of us average human beings on the rest of the world. This is just becoming a broken record at this point.

I want to make it clear that I am not the type person who tells an athlete when they should retire, that is their choice but Tiki Barber is the perfect example of a person who thinks that because he can pronounce some 15 letter words that he can pull the wool over everyone eyes. He hasn’t fooled me and I hope he hasn’t fooled you.

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on Tuesday, January 16th, Jones Darwin said

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on Wednesday, December 27th, B said

Wow...i'm seeing this article and I have to say this has to be one of the worst articles not only in sports but in the internet.

Hate Tiki Barber because he uses big words.Are you listening to yourself?Maybe your offended by Tiki's demeanor because your intelligence isn't up to par.Stop writing,your a mindless buffoon.

on Wednesday, December 20th, Sonya said

I thought what you wrots about Tiki was not only funny ,but true...Screw Tiki

on Tuesday, December 19th, tha Z said

wow so you're hating on the dude because he's articulate and doesn't fit the "black stereotype"? that's some fuckin' bullshit. You probably mad because he wasn't raised like you and shit.

on Tuesday, December 19th, Jim Jones said

Tiki is ballin, well it tiki terms he is doing really really well

on Tuesday, December 19th, Carmelo said

Run Tiki Run

on Tuesday, December 19th, Asian People said

We will take him

on Tuesday, December 19th, Vee said

^ Greg . . . "You are righ to hate him?"

Fine, Tiki is seriously putting his foot in his eloquent mouth. I'm definitely not a fan of his commercials.

My question is why hate him? You have the choice to tune out. Prior to reading the article, you obviously did not like him. So why read it? Simply ignore him and leave your middle school commentary to yourself.

To reiterate .. . (wow, a multi-syllable word)
Why would you even want to put it out there that you hate some one? Especially when you can simply tune him out.

But yeah, Tiki's statement was a typically dumb statement produced by an ahtlete.

on Monday, December 18th, Brandon Jacobs said

He can't retire soon enough!!!!!!

on Monday, December 18th, White People said

We don't want him

on Monday, December 18th, Michael Strahan said

I hate him to to be honest

on Monday, December 18th, Tiki said

Don't you love my Asian Wife

on Monday, December 18th, Pornstar said

Apparently no matter how educated a person may appear to be, they're always smart enough to find a way to make an ass of themselves.

It's too bad Mr. Barber has chosen to show us just how educated he really is.

on Monday, December 18th, Abdul said

He has been a clown for so long. I see him on TV and I just to slap him. I don't even like T.O., but could you imagine if someone like him made some of the statements he made in the SI article?

on Monday, December 18th, Larry the Legend said

I can't believe he said that about Typical black language, you are right I do hate him.

on Monday, December 18th, Greg said

Take that stupid smug off you face you freakin clown

on Monday, December 18th, JaLoHo said

Tiki pulled his ho card with me when he opened his mouth during Strahan's contract talks a few years ago by saying Strahan should think about the team over himself. Then he goes and announces his retirement in the middle of a tough season. Says all I need to know about him and that crack about 'typical African-American diction' was enough for me. How come whenever these people talk about a Black guy who surprises them that they bring up how well he talks? Stupid..

on Sunday, December 17th, O said

I was with you at the beginning with the part about not "talking Black" but I think in the rest of the article you dont convince me at all, does he ever say he is better than anybody else

on Sunday, December 17th, Cornelius said

I haven't read the article, but I hope Tiki did not say what he said in regards to the Black community. More to the point, I hope he didn't say it "how" he said it. There is nothing wrong with your parents encouraging you to speak correctly, get an education, etc. But to state it as, "they didn't speak that "typical" Black language" or however he put it...that shows that he doesn't like Black or what is perceived as being Black. How sad...He will find out just like other Black athletes/entertainers (O.J., Michael Jackson just to name a few) that no matter how much money you have, at the end of the day, he is a Black man just like the dude from the hood who may use a tad bit of slang.

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