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12/29/2006: "2nd Annual BlackSportsOnline Truth Awards"

BlackSportsOnline Presents The 2007 Truth Awards:

They are what we thought there were/Crown their ass Award

Arizona Cardinals Coach Dennis Green with the rant of the year.

I put the Wonderlic test out of business award:

Vince Young

I told you this would happen 2 years ago award:

Me on Kobe Bryant. From dry humping a white in Colorado back to the Prince of the NBA

Best Commercial Award:

The Lebrons and Dallas Clark getting blasted on Madden 07.

100 Miles and Running Award:

Carmelo Anthony

melo2 (234k image)

Most likely to have a hard drive full of kiddie porn Award:

Minnesota Head Coach Brad Childress

I wish I had that disease that Michael Jackson has Award:

Tiki Barber

The Kindergarten Crush Award:

Cold Pizza’s Skip Bayless for career making hatred of Terrell Owens.

What channel are you on again Award?:


Frankenstein Experiment gone wrong award:

The ESPN MNF Broadcast Crew

Bonehead Network Decision Award:

ESPN for not including a Flex Schedule on their NFL Package.

How are you not fired yet award?:

Michael Irvin and Matt Millen

How did you become a GM Award?

Houston Texans for blowing the #1 draft pick

Bronze Medal Award

USA Basketball

Dear God Please Trade me Award:

Kevin Garnett

Hey this guy actually makes sense award:

Bill Simmons of ESPN

The Black on Black Crime award:

Jason Whitlock attack on Scoop Jackson which led to Whitlock's firing from ESPN

Cursed QB Award:

Donovan McNabb

Herpes, blunt smoking, middle finger Award:

Michael Vick

VickFinger (25k image)

Yeah I cheated, but I don’t play baseball so who cares award:

Shawne Merriman

The Jedi Mind Trick Award:

David Stern

Pimp my Ride Award:

Pac-Man Jones

Bad Boys, Bad Boys Whatcha Gonna Do Award:

Cincinnati Bengals for having 8 players arrested in 06.

Are you a man or woman award?

Tom Coughlin for his sideline theatrics.

The Jessica Simpson Award:

Joe Theismann for being the dumbest person in sports media.

The Joey Greico Award:

Lance Armstrong (I know he cheated no matter what he says)

Insert Mouth into Foot Award:

T.O. (just choose any of his quotes)

Liar Liar Pants on Fire Award:

Ben Rothlisberger for lying about almost dying in his motorcycle accident.

Stop Snitching Award:

Greg Anderson for going to jail instead of throwing Barry Bonds under the bus.

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on Tuesday, January 16th, Jones McCoy said

Google is the best search engine

on Monday, January 1st, Larry the Legend said

good stuff Littal. I heard Tiki will be working for ESPN, so I know you are going to love that

on Saturday, December 30th, Brooks said

Wow. Jarret just got blown up! ... Anyway, just wanted to say happy new year to all of y'all and great work this year with BSO Rob.

on Saturday, December 30th, Tina said

Looks like Jarrett drinking that haterade. Obviously you come to the site because how else would you know what he has been doing. You should be supporting a brother, but you are just another clown trying to hold a black man trying to do something with his life. Go back in your hole

on Saturday, December 30th, Tiki Barber said

I hate you too and for the record I am only 49% black 51% indian

on Saturday, December 30th, Justin said

Jarrett Tell em why you made son?

on Saturday, December 30th, Mitch said

Stop hating Jarrett just because no one reads your wack ass blog. lmao

on Saturday, December 30th, Jarrett said

You just keep getting wacker and wacker in an effort to be funnier.

This post and site are dead.

on Saturday, December 30th, Terrance said

That pic of Brad Childress is scary

on Saturday, December 30th, Big D said

Classic material from you Littal. But I expect that from you

on Saturday, December 30th, Darby said

That shit was true as hell LMAO LOL Nice job, but that middle finger WAS for you..... LOL

on Saturday, December 30th, Vick said

That middle finger was for you Littal

on Saturday, December 30th, Keke said


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