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01/03/2007: "5 Reasons Why Ohio State Will Beat Florida"

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1-Troy Smith

The best big game quarterback in college football over the last decade. 11-1 versus Top 25 teams, Heisman Trophy Winner, Unanimous All-American Choice and College Player of the year. Do you really want to bet against this guy?

2-The Sweatervest

If I had to win one game in college football with my life on the line I would want Jim Tressel to be the coach.

3-Chris Leak

Leakís professional future is riding on this game. If he plays spectacularly he could move up into the 2nd round of the draft, but if he plays badly he may not get drafted at all. It seems like Leak has been at Florida for about 2 decades and they knock on him is that the pressure gets to him. In his last College game he is going to prove a lot of people right or a lot of people wrong.

4-The U

Ohio State upset a heavily favored Miami Hurricanes team 3 years ago, so I find it hard to believe they will come in overconfident.

5- OSU O-Line vs. Florida D-Line

Simply put if the OSU O-Line can protect Troy Smith it is game over for the Gators because they canít outscore the Buckeyes.

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on Tuesday, January 16th, Kristen Tennille said

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on Monday, January 8th, Pete Carroll said

So about this sweatervest being the best coach and Smith being the best big game QB in the last decade, it's still not too late to backpedal.

on Monday, January 8th, Gators = '07 Nat'l Champs said

Didnt Michigan boast about how great they were too? LOLOLOLOL!!!

on Monday, January 8th, The Vest said

Dont I look so gay? But that's the Big 10 way!

on Monday, January 8th, Troy Smith said

Dude, I am really scared of that Florida defensive line. I put money on this game that UF will win.

on Monday, January 8th, Swamp Chomp said

dude ur a freakin idiot get a real job

on Friday, January 5th, Brotha from the 4th floor said

It's going to end in a tie. Mark my words.

on Friday, January 5th, Mr. know-know-good said

You do know that florida's defensive line is one of the best in the country right? You also do know that smith would rather take a sack than run because he knows that what "real" quarterbacks do and he wants to impress them cracker ass scouts. Osu loses by at least 10

on Friday, January 5th, Lamar Thomas said

You come into our house and you will get your butt beat

on Friday, January 5th, Chris Leak said

I guarantee I will choke this game away.

on Friday, January 5th, Florida D-Line said

We will break you.

on Friday, January 5th, Danny Wuerfell said

am I still alive?

on Friday, January 5th, Jim Tressel said

This is Sweatervest approved

on Friday, January 5th, terrance said

My man Florida is going to shake up the world

on Friday, January 5th, Kelly said

Reggie Bush and that guy White from Oklahoma are more recent heisman trophy winners who have blow the game

on Thursday, January 4th, Victor von Doom said

Your comment about Heisman winners blowing the NC game is wrong.

Or did you forget Danny Wuerffel in 96 or Charles Woodson in 97, I'm sure there are others - but that's a really weak justification for Florida winning.

However, I will agree with your final assessment OSU wins by 10-14


on Thursday, January 4th, Troy Smith said

I am the king

on Wednesday, January 3rd, Big D said

I am feeling the new video

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