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01/22/2007: "Danyelle Smith Asks Are U Ready For The Peyton Manning Show?"

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Are U Ready For The Peyton Manning Show?
Written Danyelle Smith
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Even Peyton’s Biggest Fans Don’t Want To See ‘The Peyton Manning Show’

Okay, can you feel it? Super Bowl 41 is now less than two weeks away and we have a match-up that could potentially be one for the record books. One precedent has already set for the big game, of course although I am shocked the media hasn’t talked about this more. Two Black coaches will be at the helm of the championship teams, something I thought I would never see during my lifetime. When Lovie won the NFC Championship, I held my breath and sighed because it was about time that we see this during the Bowl. And when Dungy won, I almost shed a tear because it was well deserved for him. I was a big fan when he was in Tampa Bay and was treated like a field slave, so it was great to see that finally “The Team That Could” make it to end of the road.

Now we must hear the endless punditry and scrutinization by the media during the next two weeks which could be interesting on one hand but may cause me to vomit like a bulimic after a meal on the other. Peyton Manning, ever the All-American boy from the football dynasty-esque family will no doubt hog most of the coverage. This will not be his fault of course, I have no doubt that he is not a publicity hound like other players (i.e. T.O, Tiki Barber, etc., etc.) and I know he wants to concentrate on the game. There is no way in hell that the media is going to let him do this so be prepared for Peyton to be mentioned on every sports broadcast from today until after the big game.

I am rooting for Peyton. I think if I had to see another Super Bowl with Tom “Marsha” Brady and his less than in-shape coach in a dingy gray too-tight hoody, I would have to boycott. Peyton finally will get the chance to showcase his Quarterbacking skills and potentially earn the ring that has been taunting him for years. But let’s not forget that this is a game about two equally good teams and it will all come down to who makes the least amount of mistakes during play. It should not be turned into the Peyton Manning Show.

We also must not forget that behind every great team there is a great coach and Coach Dungy should get more airtime. This team made it to the big game because the coaching staff headed by Dungy out-coached the other team and the Defense held New England when they needed to. It was not just Peyton that brought them to where they now stand.

As for Chicago, I have love for them too. Simply for me, I have an allegiance to the Colts because they have been so close but yet so far for several years. It’s almost like the Super Bowl this year is like the movie Dreamgirls. Seriously think about it. New England and Tom “Marsha” Brady are Beyonce, Dungy and Peyton are Jennifer Hudson, and Chicago and Lovie are Eddie Murphy. You want to root for Jennifer because Beyonce (and Tom Brady) win everything; she’s always been the belle of the ball and Belichek and crew have three rings. You get tired of seeing the same people always winning. Jennifer and Peyton represent a new era, a time when others can finally shine. And Eddie Murphy like the Chicago Bears is so likeable, bouncing back from obscurity. Eddie and the Bears aren’t the most talked about but are certainly talented and well deserving. Of course you want J-Hud to win because she makes the movie Dreamgirls but you also have some love for Eddie as well.

So who’s it going to be, Chicago or Indy? Here’s my prediction: If I had to place a bet, I am going to say Indianapolis will finally get their ring. Peyton, just like Jennifer Hudson, will finally get the respect he deserves. I don’t think this will be a landslide victory but I do think that Indy is finally ready to go all the way. This is finally a SB that I think will be entertaining. No repeat of the boring exchange last year.

So stay tuned to my Super Bowl analysis of the big game, Prince half-time show, commercials, star sightings and more! Miami, here I come! J

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