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January 2007

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5 Reasons Why The Indianapolis Colts Will Win The Super Bowl

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Live and Direct from the Basement it is Robert Littal. Along with guest apperances by BSO Spokeswoman Danyelle Smith, Super Model Stephanie and Readers & Staff Predictions.

Final Regular Season Record (straight up): 140-110
Final Regular Season Record (against the Spread): 133-112-13

Last Week Straight Up: 0-2
Last Week Against the Spread:0-2

Playoff Record Straight Up: 5-5
Playoff Record Against the Spread: 5-5

5 Reasons Why The Indianapolis Colts Will Win The Super Bowl
Written Robert Littal
Email Robert Littal

1-Peyton Manning

This is it. This is what we all been waiting for. 9 years into a brilliant career finally Manning has exercised the demon and has made it to the Super Bowl, but now he has to finish the job. I told you all year “Call me when the Colts are in the Super Bowl”. They are here now and there is no way Peyton will blow it will he?

People mistakenly said the AFC Championship Game against the Patriots was the biggest game of his career. That was true for 2 weeks now this is the biggest game of his career because he is expected to lose to the Patriots. No one would have been surprised if he loss to the Patriots, but the world would be shocked if he loss to the Bears.

He thinks I am harsh by calling him “Choker” Manning, but if he loses this game he will want to hide out “Live and Direct” in my basement. That AFC Championship game becomes a footnote in history:

“After a historic comeback in the AFC Championship Choker Manning followed that up with a 5 INT Super Bowl loss to the underdog Chicago Bears.”

He has no option he has to win. Even in the comeback win against the Patriots I still saw a bit of the Peyton that chokes in big games, so it is definitely possible that he goes out a lays an egg, but the chances aren’t great.

He and Tom Brady are the best QBs of our generation the only thing separating them are the rings. Peyton proved a lot of people wrong 2 weeks ago I am hesitantly thinking he will do it again.

2-Three The Hard Way

The Colts run defense was historically bad during the regular season. In the playoffs they have turned into the 2000 Ravens. Three changes were made in the lineup to help solidfy the run defense. Safety Bob Sanders got healthy, Rookie Safety Antoine Bethea became a player and veteran Linebacker Rob Morris got his swagger back. Sanders “The Little Engine That Could” safety is the key to the run defense. Only about 5’2” and 130 pounds (I am exaggerating) there isn’t a more dynamic safety in the league. Bethea is a rookie that no one is talking about, but his ability in coverage has freed up Sanders to play closer to the line of scrimmage. Morris was rotting away on the bench for being too slow to play the Cover 2 but he has solidified the Linebacker core with a physical mentality. It can be argue that the Colts defense is actually playing better than the Bears defense it this point.

3-Dynamic Duo

When the Colts let Edgerrin James go via free agency I was one of many who thought it was a terrible move. I thought the intangibles and knowledge that Edge brought to the offense would be sorely missed. I was wrong. The combination of rookie Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes have been extremely impressive in the regular season and in even more so in the playoffs. While Addai gets a lot of the press it is Rhodes that seems to finish teams off. His destruction of the Ravens defense in the final minutes of their divisional playoff game was a thing of beauty. It is very difficult for defenses to stop the Colts when they are running the ball well. It makes the play action fakes deadly. The Bears have shown some vulnerability to the run, look for Addai and Rhodes to have a big day.

4-Protection Plan

My theory is that Lovie Smith is banking on his front 4 to get pressure on Manning and then play 7 back in coverage. This has been effective against Manning in the past, if the Front 4 can make the pocket uncomfortable for Manning. That is why it is imperative that the Colts offensive line keeps Peyton upright and continue to maul people for Addai and Rhodes. The Bears only hope to win the game is to get to Manning which makes the battle upfront an interesting show to watch.

5-History Lesson

Normally in sports when a player or team gets over their nemesis normally they finish the job. Be it Jordan going through the Pistons or Steve Young going through the Cowboys. The hardest part sometime is getting to the big game as oppose to winning it. Without question The Colts, Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy were haunted by the Patriots. They have exercised that demon and history shows that the [Dennis Green] crowning [/Dennis Green] is inevitable.

In the interest of fairness here are 3 Reasons why the Bears can win:

1-Rex Grossman

Simply put Rex Grossman needs to be Phil Simms. If you don’t know what I am talking about then why are you reading this.

2-Run for the Border

Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson complied over 190 yards on the ground against the Saints. A repeat performance is needed to keep the Colts offense off the field.


Earlier in the season the Bears defense was being compared to the 85 Bears. That was a little far fetched at the time, but if they every needed to pull out a 85 Bears type of performance they need to pull it out on Super Bowl Sunday.

Robert Littal (Bonfide Sports Expert) on 01.29.07 @ 09:51 PM CST [link]

Monday, January 22nd

Danyelle Smith Asks Are U Ready For The Peyton Manning Show?

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Are U Ready For The Peyton Manning Show?
Written Danyelle Smith
Email Danyelle Smith

Even Peyton’s Biggest Fans Don’t Want To See ‘The Peyton Manning Show’

Okay, can you feel it? Super Bowl 41 is now less than two weeks away and we have a match-up that could potentially be one for the record books. One precedent has already set for the big game, of course although I am shocked the media hasn’t talked about this more. Two Black coaches will be at the helm of the championship teams, something I thought I would never see during my lifetime. When Lovie won the NFC Championship, I held my breath and sighed because it was about time that we see this during the Bowl. And when Dungy won, I almost shed a tear because it was well deserved for him. I was a big fan when he was in Tampa Bay and was treated like a field slave, so it was great to see that finally “The Team That Could” make it to end of the road.

Danyelle Smith on 01.22.07 @ 07:28 PM CST [more..]

Sunday, January 14th

Jack Bauer: The Evolution of Darth Kobe Bryant

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Jack Bauer: The Evolution of Darth Kobe Bryant
Written Robert Littal
Email Robert Littal

Previously on Darth Kobe:

Robert Littal (Bonfide Sports Expert) on 01.14.07 @ 05:04 PM CST [more..]

Monday, January 8th

Rob Bonnette's 2007 NFL Awards

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Rob Bonnette's 2007 NFL Awards
Written by Robert Bonnette
Email Robert Bonnette

The NFL regular season is over and now it’s playoff time. It’s also time for postseason awards, most of which have already been given out. We have rightful winners of the MVP (LT), comeback player of the year (Chad Pennington), and a more than acceptable winner for offensive rookie of they year (Vince Young; my pick was Jones-Drew but I’m perfectly fine with Vince winning it). We also had a acceptable but somewhat dubious winner for defensive player of the year (Jason Taylor; not that he wasn’t a worthy candidate but who out there doesn’t think that this was a we’re not giving the award to that steroid cheat Shawne Merriman deal), and a worthy but downright hilarious pick for defensive rookie of the year (Demarco Ryans, who was picked by the same team that chose the number one overall pick, also a defensive player). But there are some awards that aren’t voted on by the media but are definitely well deserved. They are the 2007 Rob Bonnette NFL Awards, and here they go.
Robert Bonnette on 01.08.07 @ 10:27 PM CST [more..]

Wednesday, January 3rd

5 Reasons Why Ohio State Will Beat Florida

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1-Troy Smith

The best big game quarterback in college football over the last decade. 11-1 versus Top 25 teams, Heisman Trophy Winner, Unanimous All-American Choice and College Player of the year. Do you really want to bet against this guy?

2-The Sweatervest

If I had to win one game in college football with my life on the line I would want Jim Tressel to be the coach.

3-Chris Leak

Leak’s professional future is riding on this game. If he plays spectacularly he could move up into the 2nd round of the draft, but if he plays badly he may not get drafted at all. It seems like Leak has been at Florida for about 2 decades and they knock on him is that the pressure gets to him. In his last College game he is going to prove a lot of people right or a lot of people wrong.

4-The U

Ohio State upset a heavily favored Miami Hurricanes team 3 years ago, so I find it hard to believe they will come in overconfident.

5- OSU O-Line vs. Florida D-Line

Simply put if the OSU O-Line can protect Troy Smith it is game over for the Gators because they can’t outscore the Buckeyes.

Robert Littal (Bonfide Sports Expert) on 01.03.07 @ 09:45 PM CST [link]