Breaking News: Rashard Lewis Tests Positive for Steroids Suspended 10 Games

This is according to the Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Magic All-Star Rashard Lewis will be suspended for the first 10 games of next season because he has tested positive for a testosterone-producing steroid, the Orlando Sentinel has learned.

According to league sources, Lewis was taking nutritional supplements at the end of last season that unknowing to him contained a substance commonly known as DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) – a chemical compound made naturally in the body but also found in numerous over-the-counter supplements at nutritional stores. The substance is banned by most sports leagues, including the NBA.

One source said he believed Lewis’s positive test was “an honest mistake.”

“There are more than 100 banned substances on the league’s list and athletes have to watch everything they take from common cold medications to vitamins to supplements,” the source said.

Why do all athletes who get caught say it was an “honest mistake”?

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Rashard Lewis Tests Positive for Steroids Suspended 10 Games

  • wow… *takes back all props i gave to rashard* i was the first to say i was wrong this playoffs he wasnt a waste of a max contract.. but man he out there cheatin wit it “honest mistake” hahaha if im worth 20 mil a year for playin ball u better believe im knowing whats in my body at all times

  • aww that’s sad. the title makes it sound like he was using some crazy steroid smh then to read the article & see it was prob just some regular nutritional supplement, I guess they have to be really cautious with what they take.

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