Ya’ll Must Have Forgot!!! Is Roy Jones Jr Back?


In case you missed it over the weekend, Roy Jones Jr. defeated Jeff Lacy by TKO in the tenth round. Oh yeah, Roy is 41 years old.

A couple of things jumped out to me about this fight. It was obvious from the start that Lacy was clearly overmatched by Roy. Lacy had no answer for Jones’ speed, skill and overall boxing ability. It was so bad at times, that Roy was telling the crowd to “Watch this” and then he proceeded to hit Lacy with 9 punch combination.

Another thing I noticed was Roy’s confidence. It actually seems that since he was reunited again with his father/trainer that we are witnessing “vintage” Roy. Granted, Roy did show amazing hand speed and power, but it was his attitude that stood out the most. Roy went a bit off the deep end as far as his outlook on boxing and life, but his father seems to have helped him get back on track.

Jones is one of the most physically gifted fighters of all-time and, arguably, the most gifted of this era. Jones easily dominated top rated fighters with his somewhat super human hand speed and extraordinary reflexes. With this win, Roy has set himself up for a title shot against Danny Green. If Jones can turn back the clock again and win a legitimate title or get a win over a world class fighter, it will be the perfect way to end an already exceptional career.

2 thoughts on “Ya’ll Must Have Forgot!!! Is Roy Jones Jr Back?

  • lacy is and always was trash. he took as bad a beating as i've ever seen at the hands of joe calzaghe a few years back. As for roy, homie ran away from my man b-hop for years and although the fighters he fought were "top rated" who were they really? he's a great entertainer but as far as being a great one i believe that you're only as good as your competition which in the words of s.carter "competition is NADA!"

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