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Breaking News: Shawne Merriman Arrested For Choking Out Tila Tequilla

by Robert Littal | Posted on Sunday, September 6th, 2009
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The story of the alleged assault of Tila Tequilla by San Diego Chargers Linebacker Shawne Merriman is now coming together.

Before I get into the details I have to ask a question. When will athletes and entertainers understand that regardless of the situation if you put your hands on a woman it is not going to turn out well?

NFL players in general should know that any type of altercation or criminal wrongdoing involving the police can turn badly for them very quickly (see: Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress). No matter how big of a star they are.

When talking about Domestic Violence, even if you are able to use your money and fame to avoid jail time (see: Chris Brown) no amount of money can buy back your reputation.


NFL players need to understand that it doesn’t matter if the justice system even gives them a good deal (see: Donte Stallworth) they are still going to have to deal with Roger Goodell.

How many players are going to have to be suspended and basically barred from the league before these players get it in their head that Goodell could care less about the legal system. He only cares about reputation of the NFL. If you stain that reputation Goodell is going to come down on you and come down on hard.

The Shawne Merriman incident according to San Diego Union Tribune had something to do with Alcohol. The police say that Tila Tequilla was heavily intoxicated when they arrived (I would make a joke about her name right now, but I am trying to be professional cut me some slack). She is claiming that Merriman choked and assaulted her when she attempted to leave his residence. According to the police she was not seriously harmed.

Merriman’s people are saying he was simply trying to prevent her from driving drunk and she is fabricating her claims of assault.

With stories like this the truth is normally somewhere in the middle, but Merriman has to be smarter and should have walked away from the situation and let someone else deal with her if she was truly that drunk.

Now he has put his season, teammates and franchise in jeopardy. I don’t know how many times I have to say it but these athletes have to “smarten up”. It is said we have to check the police blotter as much as we do and it is simply unacceptable.


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  1. UTCPLA24LTL says:

    What do these athletes be thinking? Well not just athletes but I’m saying, from Rothelisburger to Merriman this is just crazy and uncalled for. Theats why I’m a big believer in finding u sum1 and sticking with tem to avoid this type of drama!

  2. Working on finding out what really happened. Not good for the Chargers just 7 days before season starts

  3. C-Flow says:

    I don't think Roth was guilty of what his accuser charged. But there doesn't seem to be much wiggle room with this story. Could be the "lights out" dance for Merriman.

  4. shon says:

    Its always the same outcome with these atheletes, when you mess with trifflin hoes then bad things happen. Merriman probably tried to choke her out because he wanted to be on exclusive terms with her but she was through with him. Come on Shawne! You know you cant make a hoe a housewife!

  5. illa says:

    Chick is most annoying…I'd choke her too…

  6. SD619Grl says:

    why why why? why did you fall for this wh-re? she is ghetto trash. when you hook up with dumb fame attention seeker s_uts, this is what you get. domestic violence sucks. arghhh! this situation makes me sick. Tila Taquila better not be the next spokesperson for domestic violence. I don't want to see her change into the next Woman's Advocate. The media and reality shows are so stupid. I am so disappointed! you just f–ked up your career for a hoe!! And she ruins the rep for Asians. She is the typical stereotype of the Asian hoes people hate. She creates the prejudice that normal asian girls have to deal with! Da_n, Merriman-why dude why? And I am sorry to say this, but you should have just called me over to bit-h slap her.

  7. dinabanina says:

    hey ho, ho you doin, ho you been? prolly doin ho stuff, cuz there you ho again.

  8. skeptical at best says:

    My friend and I always reference “The Program”. And this was a straight up Lattimer moment. Let’s hope it didn’t happen the way it seems.

    I’m starting to think athletes and females don’t mix. Or maybe it’s superstars and females. Not sure.

  9. I dunno what to believe,he coulda did it or she coulda been looking for a way to get her name back in folks mouths and tweets. It's sad either way. On a sidnote, she is extremely unattractive to me. That is all

  10. San Diego Has SBW says:

    I wonder if she's pregnant?

    Oh well another brother suckered out of his earnings…get the money girl!

    Shawne, hope she was worth it.

  11. Hmmmm says:

    I don't even know if this crap is true. I googled San Diego County Jail and typed in his name under Whos In Jail and it didn't even show up. May be publicity stunt.

  12. A.C says:

    When dealing with the media, what is a choke? One handed, two handed, choke-against-wall, or the Ted Bundy? When I first read the headline, I was like he's a big ass dude that could kill her with minimal effort. Maybe we have it wrong. Perhaps he choked on some Tequila.

  13. Ibol says:

    This bitch is annoying

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