2009 Lakers Championship Rings


This, my friends is no joke.

Talk about ice. Here’s a breakdown of the ring each player and coach will be getting on the Lakers tonight at the ring ceremony.

Using a jeweler that does work for many Hollywood celebrities, the rings this year come with key features:

Laker gold — While rings are typically 14-karat gold, the designer created a set of 15-karat Laker gold to honor the 15th banner. The ring is made of both white and yellow gold and was built from seven different parts that had to be assembled. Rings are usually made in one piece.

The ICE — The ring is rocks 15 diamonds weighing in at 2.85 carats.

Home Court— The Laker ring is similar to the shape of the Staples Center. When looking at it from a side angle, you can see the roof and sides of their home court

Personalization — You typically see players names engraved. This time, each player’s face is laser engraved into the ring.

The “L” —  To top it off, each ring has a specially selected, diamong engraved “L”. It is placed differently on each players’ ring to give each one it’s unique character. In fact, it can only be fully viewable with a high-powered microscope to aunthenticate each ring.

Hollywood packaging, too —  Lastly, each ring will come in an oversized box that has LED spotlights that shine on the ring.

And what you get…


The designer who created this unreal ring is Jason Arasheben from Beverly Hills. He is an established jeweler for many NBA Players and is sought out by many celebrities for custom pieces. He has designed jewelry for Dwayne Wade, Andrew Bynum and Lebron James.

Credit: Adena Andrews, NBA.com + Imran W. for the tip.


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