The Top 10 NFL End Zone Celebrations Ever!!!

Top 10 End Zone Celebrations of All-Time

1- The Funky Chicken by Billie “White Shoes” Johnson

*He is #3 on the video*

Before the NFL became the“No Fun League” it was routine for players to celebrate in the end zone, but not one quite celebrated like Billy White Shoes Johnson who is considered the father of modern day end zone celebration.

Often imitated but never duplicated when the name Billy White Shoes Johnson is mentioned everyone starts doing the “funky chicken”.

2- Pull out your Sharpies by Terrell Owens

So many to choose from with T.O. The Star in Dallas, The Usain Bolt, The Poms Poms (my personal favorite), The Ray Lewis imitation or the Fake Spygate camera.

But the one that really put him on the map was pulling out a sharpie and signing a ball after a touchdown a classic moment in end zone celebration history.

3- The Proposal by Chad Johnson

Before he became Ocho Cinco, Chad Johnson has many memorable TD celebrations. The Tiger Woods, the Hall of Fame jacket and who could forget the Riverdance. But the most creative of all is after a TD Chad running to the sidelines and proposing to a Bengals cheerleader. She said yes by the way.

4- Primetime by Deion Sanders

How cool was Deion Sanders end zone celebration? People were doing in the club. It had its own name “The Primetime”. Whenever Deion picked off a pass or fielded a punt everyone stood up because if he took it to the house the show was about to begin.

5- The Icky Shuffle by Icky Woods

I have been trying to figure out for years what exactly the Icky Shuffle is. A shuffle to the left, a shuffle to the right and a spike. Who knew it would be a dance sensation that would spark a music video and a rookie running back into superstardom.

6- The Lambeau Leap by the Green Bay Packers

Leroy Butler started it innocently enough after returning a fumble for touchdown by leaping into the stands. Since then after almost every Green Bay touchdown a player jumps into the stands.

7- The Dirty Bird by the Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons had one magical season in 1998 when they went 14-2 and made it to the Super Bowl. Similar to a few Super Bowl runs it included a signature touchdown dance called the “Dirty Bird”. Many people assume it was started by running back Jamal Anderson, but in reality it was Tight End O.J. Santiago that created the dance.

8- The Bob and Weave by the Saint Louis Rams

This TD celebration was the one that caused the NFL to ban “group celebration”. Never really understood the name because it looked more like they were playing craps than bobbing and weaving.

9- The Fun Bunch by the Washington Redskins

The Fun bunch consisted of a group of Redskins Wide Receivers and tight ends in the early 80’s highlighted by Art Monk and Gary Clark.
Every time one of them scored they would do a group high five in the end zone.

10- The Spike by everyone

In 1965 New York Giants Wide Receiver Homer Jones decided to come up with his own unique way to celebrate a touchdown.

In a game that year after he scored he threw the ball down hard to the turf. When a reporter after the game asked what was that he termed the move:

“The Spike”

With that the legend was born.

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