Breaking News: Allen Iverson Leaves Grizzlies For Personal Reasons

I am not exactly sure what the personal reason is, but I am trying to find out. It has been a rough go of it for A.I. since joining the Grizzlies.

First he hurt his hamstring, then he complained about coming off the bench and now this. It is a sad end to such a great career. I feel bad for him.

Here is the info on what happened from a NBA Source close to the situation and Memphis Commercial Appeal

Iverson met with Griz owner Michael Heisley Friday night following the team’s 114-98 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. The pair met again this morning, and Iverson was expected to depart for Atlanta this afternoon.

Atlanta is where Iverson lives during the offseason.

This latest development comes after Iverson played in three games since returning from a hamstring injury. Iverson came off the bench in each of those appearances and expressed his displeasure over that role all week.

It is not known when Iverson will rejoin the Grizzlies.

I wonder if A.I. will ever return? I am going to be honest from the day I heard that Iverson was considering playing for the Grizzlies I never thought it would turn out well.

When you have been a star shining as bright as Iverson you just don’t go to one of the worse franchise in the league and everything just works out.

If A.I. had issues coming off the bench in Detroit I don’t know why anyone thought he would be cool coming off the bench in Memphis of all places.

I wish him well, but like I said before it is a sad end to a wonderful career.


Early reports are just the Iverson just took his ball and went home which if that is the care I ask why did he even sign with the Grizzlies in the first place. He would have been better off just retiring as oppose to just damaging his reputation even more by quitting on the team because he couldn’t handle coming off the bench, but I am still digging.


After talking to several sources, here is the situation. Iverson was under the impression once he was fully healthy he was going to start and be the leader of the team. Iverson believed he got those assurances when he signed with the Grizz or he would have never signed with the team.

After sitting on the bench for the majority of his first three games back from injury he wasn’t happy with the “perceived broken promises”.

When the owner backed the coach in his decision to keep A.I. on the bench, Iverson decided enough was enough and bounced.

So I have confirmed this isn’t a medical or family issue, but simply a situation where he did not want to be on the team if he was coming off the bench so he took his ball and went home.

Also sources are saying you will probably never see Iverson in a Grizzlies uniform again, but he has no plans to retire.

If I get any more details I can share I will.

51 thoughts on “Breaking News: Allen Iverson Leaves Grizzlies For Personal Reasons

  • He signed with the Grizzlies because no other team wanted him. Other teams didn't want to deal with the drama that is Allen Iverson. He should have just retired.

    • It is quite possible this is the last time we see Allen Iverson

  • Yes, I think it's a done deal for him. How unfortunate for him to end his career this way.

    • after speaking to some people he isn't going to retire, but he is not going to play for grizz

    • Elizabeth, hi, by the way. I've never been able to like AI's all-round big-HERO stuff. He's first, last and always, so full of himself. He can't keep his own greatness off his mind. And, like you pointed out, It's too bad, really.

      If only he would've mimicked M. Jordan's easy greatness and unassuming smile. True greatness is like that, (dontcha think?) It seems so easy.

      Btw, I still remember and love Michael Jordan's smile. Somehow, it reminded me that "God's still in his heaven and every-thing's okay."

      At any rate, the heroic Allen Iverson's gone from professional roundball for good; 'good-bye and good riddance.'

  • I think the 76ers should take him back. He still has alot of fans and the 76ers could use the fan base to boost up their team spirit. The coashes just need to take AI for who he is and work with him. The Answer.

    • Wrong, wrong, wrong… it is the Player who is supposed to do what the Coach says.

      Iverson is NOT the Answer, he's a Cancer. He's a spoiled ball hog who throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way. He should NOT be encouraged by having coaches "take AI for who he is and work with him."

      He never should have been rewarded with a contract with the Grizzlies this year after he pulled the same crap in Detroit last year.

      • You can say whatever you want about AI, but the truth is he was the best little man to ever play the game of basketball on this level. He brought so much energy and passion to the NBA, and its ashame that people can't respect that. AI was promised the role of leadership because of his veteranship, however after he signed with the team they pull some bullshit like that! I bet you would be jaded too if a team just flat out lied to you. Say what you want but AI is a super star no matter if you care to admitt it or not, who didn't deserve to go out the way he did…………………….." i'm out"

    • Sixers does not need that drama llama!!
      If A.I comes back to Sixers hes just gonna be back on the bench, and we don't need him we have Lou.
      There is just way to much drama with Allen. He doesn't wanna practice, he doesn't like drills, he doesn't wanna sit on the bench, its like you can't win with this guy. Besides his game isn't as good as it used to be when he was with the Sixers(maybe its because he doesn't like to practice) Personally I think he either gets his act together or retire because no one is going to put up with his B.S anymore.

  • Let’s see: Denver got much better after they traded him for Chauncy while Detroit tanked. How does he still think he’s a great player?

    • Good point, probably one of the best moves that made in their franchise. In the words of PTI, Happy Trails A.I.

    • He is still a great player but the coaches have doubt on his game. Why they never give AI a chance to show it and prove to AI haters that he can still play..

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