Breaking News: Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis Has Been Fired

Not really breaking news since everyone knew it was going to happen, but sources have confirmed that Weis has been told that his services are no longer needed.  Urban Meyer is who the Irish have their eyes set on.

The New York Daily News first reported this minutes ago.

People think I dislike Charlie Weis that isn’t the case. From all I have heard he is a very nice man, but I never liked his attitude in regards of being a head coach. He was very standoffish and arrogant. Maybe he learned that from Bill Billichick, but it didn’t come across well especially in the college ranks.

In typical Weis form he already cleaned out his office before their last game at Stanford and been bragging to friends he has six offers from the NFL.

Stay classy Charlie, stay classy.

If you are going to talk the talk you have to walk the walk, but the only walk Weis will be making is that long green mile.

I don’t know if any coach can bring Notre Dame back to prominence, but Weis mistake right from the beginning was acting as if Notre Dame was “better” than other schools when the reality is Notre Dame is in essence a 2nd level Big Ten style school in regards to talent.

Notre Dame pulled a Jerry Jones (see Roy Williams) deal when they gave Weis a ten year extension after only ten games in his tenure.

Weis smartly sold Notre Dame on the idea he might go to the pros and they panic, so now Charlie will be “eating” off Notre Dame for years to come.

The facts are Notre Dame treated Weis a “God” and treated Ty Willingham as a second class citizen. For a school that is supposed to be deep in religious beliefs that was wrong.

I am not saying Weis was better or worse of a coach as Willingham, but the fact remains once Willingham’s recruiting class left the Irish didn’t get better they got worse.

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  • Scouts say the recruiting actually got better but the talent wasn't developed. Poor coaching right there.

  • You have a excellent approach of placing issues into perspective.

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