Picture of the Photographer Who Mike Tyson Knocked Out Tony Echeverria

This is the photographer who was harassing Mike Tyson at the airport and got knocked out. His name is Tony Echeverria and not much is known about him except that witnesses at the scene say he was the instigator of the situation.

To recap Mike Tyson, his wife and 10 month old daughter were at the ticket counter of LAX. They were coming back from Europe vacation. Once Tyson was spotted as you can imagine he was overrun with paparazzi taking pictures and trying to get quotes.

Regardless what anyone tells you Tyson is still one of the most recognizable figures in the world, but he is a very private person, so you have to know if you approach him do so with caution.

According to people at LAX, Mr. Echeverria put his hands on Tyson on more than one occassion while he was holding his daughter and for his trouble this is what happened.

Tony Echeverria

Obviously he hasn’t seen the movie The Hangover, but I digress. Both Tyson and Mr. Echeverria made “citizens” arrests and both were released in a few hours after talking to police. Tyson made his flight and Mr. Echeverria we can only assume has an ice pack on his head currently.

8 thoughts on “Picture of the Photographer Who Mike Tyson Knocked Out Tony Echeverria

  • Tony Echeverria is a worthless piece of crap…..camping out at LAX just to take pictures of celebs is a complete waste of life. For harassing and laying his hands on Mike Tyson and endangering his family he should be charged and not Tyson.

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