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Shaq’s Pimp Focus is Strong..Sleeping With Gilbert Arenas Fiance..

by Robert Littal | Posted on Thursday, November 5th, 2009
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Before we even get into this, one thing you should know. All athletes cheat (99% to be exact). Shaq been cheating since he stepped onto the floor.

Everyone knows that Shaq been breaking lamps with a lot of women besides his wife Shaunie and it is known that Shaunie hasn’t been faithful either.

If this was a random cheating story, wouldn’t even be a story, so when I was told to check out about Shaq stepping out I didn’t think much of it until I saw the person that Shaq is accused of playing Bed Gammon with with was Gilbert Arenas’ fiance Laura Govan.

Allegedly Miss Govan and Mrs. O’Neal are friends.

Is this a case of it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none?

Even with all that being said still was going to *JamarcusShrug* the situation until I saw the emails as well on Which are quite hilarious.

First thing you will notice is to be a cheater you do not have to be a great speller. Actually they both seem to be having a hard time with the English language as a whole, but I digress.

Wonder what Agent 0 thinks about Shaq “Breaking Lamps” especially considering he is about to have his third child with Miss Govan.

Laura Govan3

Maybe he should go on Maury cause he may not be the father.

Here are a couple of pictures of Gilbert’s Fiance’

Laura Govan


Laura Govan2

The noho revolution is strong my friends. Very strong. Tell me what you think of these email






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  1. @DanaKing70 says:

    So Roy Williams says Romo throws the ball correctly 2 everyone but him & ths isnt a Headline on ESPN hmmm???

  2. @KingCliff says:

    damn thats tough,you think they fightin at the next cavs wiz game?

  3. @couturefit says:

    RT : BSO Blog Post: Shaq's Pimp Focus is Strong..Sleeping With Gilbert Arenas Fiance..We Got Emails

  4. Remy Hair says:

    Damn that's crazy. I wonder how often this kind of stuff happens with other players.

    • dude says:

      ALOOOTTTT…i'm a basketball player myself yadig. I live in Texas and hoop with and KNOW many nba basketball player during the summer. Dudes get out. They ALL get out. David Robinson did his thing, Avery Johnson, Tim Duncan…as you can guess, I'm in San Antonio……yep…i know dudes who were on the team with them that exposed them in many conversations….it's just part of it. NBA…NOTHING BUT ASS…lol

  5. Bangshang says:

    All I have to say is damm!

  6. His and Her says:

    Why do you assume all athletes cheat? That's very far from the truth. I know plenty of great guys who doesn't cheat on their wife. But Shaq better slow his role, he seen what cheating did to Steve McNair.

    • GiaNYC says:

      Yes they all cheat, please try to name one that doesn't. They just haven't gotten caught. Just another "Player" hater.

      • Sarcasm says:

        I completely agree with his and her, I mean look at Tiger Woods, Shaq, Dwight Howard, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade… none of these guys have ever cheated before…

  7. crazy says:

    men cheat, its just easier for athletes. But there should be some sort of rule book!!!!

  8. Glen Danzig says:

    Shaqfu got a dirty Dick!!


    poor gilbert:-( We were all waiting for this phenomenal season for him…. Now there's a problem with shaq and his fiancee…… How the hell is he gonna focus on basketball now?…. Preety sad

  10. Damon says:

    All athletes except Doug Christie, with how his wife is and how she's always around I don't think he would have the opportunity.

    Damn, she coulda got the ring and got half tsk tsk

  11. CathrynMarie says:

    Not feeling this post at all….no, not at all! Its actually given me a headache, lol. Not saying it cannot be true, its just unbelievable to swallow. As a supporter of Gil since his days w/ the Warriors and someone who has spent a lot of time w/ LoGov, this is CRAZY! She has loved Gil since she met him and they have been through a lot together. Calling her a ho is insane and I'd like to dismiss any thoughts of Laura being a groupie or your every day chick. She comes from a great family that is well respected back home and she could probably do more for a man than any man for her…..I pray things are worked out with Gil & Lo and they are able to work past the devils work – whether truth or lies. I support them unconditionally…..

    To the person who felt the need to "expose" this information – I hope you're able to sleep at night. Its sad when the lives of others cause us to throw our morals and common sense out of the window. The kids, in either family, were not thought of – this is now public knowledge on the net and will be here forever…..

    • phia says:

      ok.. im def. feelin this post cuz she is a ho! not just ur everyday ho, she f’n worse than that! and just cuz she came from a “good family” dont mean ish! sometimes those are the worse ones. i guess you forgot about the fact that the woman whos man she’s screwing just so happens to be her friend also! and u tryna take up for her! shame on you lame b*tch

    • Nikki says:

      While one can understand your feelings, the person that exposed this should not be seen as the bad person here. Sure they probably shouldn't have put this out there on the internet but I believe that each of their significant others did need to know. WOuld youn't you want to know if your spouse or fiance' is cheating on you and posisbly is about to father someone else's child? When they made the decision to do these acts they were being selfish as they weren't thinking about their own children. What is done in the dark comes to light and their actions are what is causing their misery now.

    • steve says:

      I think that you should mind you business and stop feeling sorry for women like that.
      She's nothing but a fucking ho and she deserve no respect or compassion.
      I hope he dumped her ass since big di…k is all she s concern about.

  12. Davey D says:

    CathrynMarie who ever exposed this dramam im glad they did it! I too have been a Gilbert Arenas fan since he was on the Warriors. Im from the Bay Area an hated to see him leave. I made and signed all those Keep Gil websites an all that stuff when St. Gean didnt wantto re-sign hiom out here. An seeing him back after all those knee injuries is like the best thing of the year for my an all other Wiz fans (even though Jamison hurt Caron banged up an MM hurt too) But i just hate how someone like Shaq who has been cheated on by his wife an was alllll bent out of shape ready to leave her an everything would do something like this. Now if he didnt know that was Gils girl baby mom future wife its bad enough that he was cheating with her an its bad that she is cheating as well but He knows who she is and she knows who He is this is a bad story an im glad both of them are exposed for the FOUL shit they do! I hope Gil kicks her to the curb. Im glad they didnt get Married cuz that girl wouyld of been singing to the bank after a divorce now i hope she gets 0!

  13. snoop says:

    aint no fun if the homies cant get none!

  14. THatBOi_Ignant says:

    Well Damn!!!!!!!………………..what can you say..Gilbert Arenas if you were thinkin about marriage and got the ring already…do like lil wayne…."I gots to hold to my receipt.." its some dirty people in the game……WATCH OUT LEBRON…LMAO>

  15. eric snow says:

    I have seen and heard of some outright whore behavior but if true this chick takes Whore of The Year 2009. Black/Latino women get gunned down in domestic violence incidents and then cry and want to know why. Here is a perfect example. I know that many other black women will come to her defense but there is none. Gilbert should take the high road, chalk it up as a win because he didn't marry the smut and keep it moving. Make sure his kids and the thier mother are financially set and keep performing and making money. She will always be a smut and when her sons get older the best she can hope for is that they never find out. Geez

    • Ms.Ree says:

      what you goona make this about race? cheating occurs in every race!

      • Ms.Ree says:

        Umm lol. had a few errors. Should read: Why do you have to make this about race. Cheating occurs in every race. LOL Sorry!

        • ericsnow says:

          Your right, its not about race this is an issue of morality or lack thereof. It just so happens that African American and Latino women in my opinion are being killed at disproportionate rates due to these so called love triangles. When you factor in the men killed in these situations, well you have an epidemic. So adultery occurs in every race but African American women are killed in higher numbers….Ex: If we're together with no kids and I catch you out there, I keep it moving. With kids and I catch you out there, I keep it moving and support mine. Now if we're together and your carrying my seed and dealing with another man…………….. very bad outcome

  16. Mr. Oakland says:

    Do you know how many pages like this are going around? Better yet, do you know how many haters there are in this world? You don't even have to have money to be hated in this world…you don't even have to have a fine as woman as La La to be hated. All this is… is some hater trying to break them up because why? JEALOUS !!!! Anyone could set this conversation up and post it. Heck you can do a lot with a computer. Do you think they would be this crazy to use real names in conversations like that. I know my boys use code names for their side woman and they don't have as much to lose as these two. The bottom line is the names in the conversation is right but who's to say this conversation is true? Where is he hotel bills? Where is the pics of them coming out of the back door?


  17. Brownskin says:

    Well Mr Oakland it's been sent from an Iphone so if it's really her all Gilbert has to do is get her Iphone bill. Not saying it is true though.

  18. Izzy says:

    Not Kobe how my ass taste……Ok, EVERYBODY, GIlbert how my d!ck taste!! He can't stroke her like me, he can't poke her like me, EVERBODY, Gilbert….Tell me how my d!ck taste

  19. minusthebars says:

    Shaq's wife cannot get upset. She cheated on him. So in the immortal words of The Big Aristotle – it tis what it tis.


  20. dawn hiarston says:

    it is to much pennicillin can not cure…. i no grass may seem greene'r on the other side, but that is like whoa….. well shaunie will be ok im sure she will make damn sure of it….

  21. phenomena says:

    That's just sloppy all the way around! Furthermore, not all players cheat because I know some myself. In addition to this Shaq lives in Cleveland with a Tiffany adult club stripper and her "alleged" 1-year-old daughter. Moreover, since Laura is 7 months pregnant with a December 24, 2009 due date, is Shaq or Gilbert the father? It is time to get Maury!

  22. Louflicks says:


  23. Jimmy Reeves says:

    To those that haven't heard Gilbert's story, when you do hear it, you will understand why both Shaq and his babymomma are going to hell in the express line. Dude is probably one of the kinder souls in the NBA. This man Gilbert Arenas, has gone through a lot of emotional stress in his life. Because of some of his pain, he does a lot of things for others.

    I've know a few people that have met dude and they all say the same thing, "he reminds me of a teenager." But they don't say it to disrespect him, they say it is just the youthfulness of his personality. I have a female cousin that saw him at a club in DC. She said that out of all the Millionairs in VIP he was the only one who seemed like he was being nice and just enjoying the atmosphere. Everyone else was plottin on ass.

  24. Jimmy Reeves says:

    This is a true case of the nice guy finishing last (in the eyes of his peers). In actuality he made out on top, because Shaq's wife is gonna take him to the cleaners. He didn't marry this nasty ass Laura smut, so his paper is cool. He basically adopted a kid when he was 24, so a judge should have no problems granting a role model, millionaire, star athelete his children. And if the unborn one is Gil's and not Shaq's then I would take him too. Don't leave her with any avenues to get your paper blackman.

  25. That's insane. A good female friend of mine got hit on by Shaq and Karl Malone before.

  26. B Conway says:

    That what im talkin bout next tyme let me know….. ill even bring the chicks…….my gurls like gurls…

  27. masterj says:

    A great read on this sort of thing is LUST IN TRANSLATION, By Laura Druckerman. The author exposes all the talk and HYPOCRISY of "so-called monogamy" by interviewing a plethora of unethical cheaters from all walks of life. The bottome line? These celebrities are facing what a vast amount of the culture faces daily and their endorsements and contracts cant stop it. Truth be told, there is a super small minority in our culture that is actually monogamous. Im glad I dont have to deal with drama you liars and unethical cheaters do LOL

  28. ace says:

    In the words of Jay-z u can dis owner u got a baby by her. And that’s the most mess up part of it all cus in the end she still gets his paper. What even makes it worst is shaq knew it was his girl and old girl is friends with shaq’s wife. But judge not every body does mess up stuff in life this is sad though but I net Gilbert been knew u always know theirs always signs but we never pay attention to them that’s why we took so long to engage her and marry her cuz HE KNEW. Real talk.

  29. ANIGMA says:

    If I was Gil, I would put t hit on both of them hos. Thats why Kobe put his ass on blast. He was probably trying to move in on Kobe's wife when Kobe got busted.

  30. People seriously believe anything on a website called "young black and fabulous"?

    May as well call it "I'm semi-retarded ghetto trash"….dot com

  31. Deal Wit It says:

    Diesel thats what up! If you single or playing that faithful game then do it! don't hate cause my man Shaq getting his! Me being a fellow lover of women, i appreciate the help, i help fulfill starving womens appetites myself! right or wrong, you be the judge. everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter how much hate it may contain. Let the NBA players keep the balls on the court, me and shaq will keep a pair at they're house!!!! Play on player!!! before you comment look at your situation. if your happy then don't have a problem with me being the same!!

  32. Have you ever considered adding more videos to your webpage to keep the viewers more involved? I just read through the whole article and it was quite nice but since I am more of a visual learner, I find videos to be more helpful. I am pleased with what you guys are always coming up with. Keep up the excellent work. I will revisit your website regularly for some new post.

  33. cde says:

    how much does shaq gets pay

  34. Hi mate would it be ok if i used some info from here to use on one of our sites? cheers mate

  35. Me-Mei says:

    First to the comment of CathrynMarie statement, the person that exposed these emails were not wrong, The individuals that were committing the act were wrong. Shaq and the Mr. Arenas fiance were the ones that were not thinking of their children. What is done in dark will come to the light. So think about it CathrynMarie……. if something was going on with your future spouse and you were a millionaire wouldn't you want to know? And the reply to Eric Snow…….."LORD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL". This has nothing to do with race I do not care if you are black, white, latino, asian, etc., domestic violance is national. Whores mungers come in every color and ethnic background. This is not a situation that you can put stereotypical racist comments on because scandalist situations like this happens everywhere. I hope and pray that your understanding about life will enhance and the ignorance in your heart will cease. God bless you and keep you always, sincerely an African American lady.

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  45. Big Al says:

    Shaq came to a party I was throwing in D.C. back in 2005, and between him me and a few of his crew, we banged at least 15 brawds that night. Shit was bananas. That man is a freak!!!

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