Shaq’s Pimp Focus is Strong..Sleeping With Gilbert Arenas Fiance..

Before we even get into this, one thing you should know. All athletes cheat (99% to be exact). Shaq been cheating since he stepped onto the floor.

Everyone knows that Shaq been breaking lamps with a lot of women besides his wife Shaunie and it is known that Shaunie hasn’t been faithful either.

If this was a random cheating story, wouldn’t even be a story, so when I was told to check out about Shaq stepping out I didn’t think much of it until I saw the person that Shaq is accused of playing Bed Gammon with with was Gilbert Arenas’ fiance Laura Govan.

Allegedly Miss Govan and Mrs. O’Neal are friends.

Is this a case of it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none?

Even with all that being said still was going to *JamarcusShrug* the situation until I saw the emails as well on Which are quite hilarious.

First thing you will notice is to be a cheater you do not have to be a great speller. Actually they both seem to be having a hard time with the English language as a whole, but I digress.

Wonder what Agent 0 thinks about Shaq “Breaking Lamps” especially considering he is about to have his third child with Miss Govan.

Laura Govan3

Maybe he should go on Maury cause he may not be the father.

Here are a couple of pictures of Gilbert’s Fiance’

Laura Govan


Laura Govan2

The noho revolution is strong my friends. Very strong. Tell me what you think of these email






75 thoughts on “Shaq’s Pimp Focus is Strong..Sleeping With Gilbert Arenas Fiance..

  • So Roy Williams says Romo throws the ball correctly 2 everyone but him & ths isnt a Headline on ESPN hmmm???

  • damn thats tough,you think they fightin at the next cavs wiz game?

    • That aint' gangsta.

    • Is Laura Govan, the child of "Goose" Govan, who was banned from the NBA because of a rape charge, and then once he maxed out, signed with the Kentucky Colonels of the ABA?

  • Damn that's crazy. I wonder how often this kind of stuff happens with other players.

    • ALOOOTTTT…i'm a basketball player myself yadig. I live in Texas and hoop with and KNOW many nba basketball player during the summer. Dudes get out. They ALL get out. David Robinson did his thing, Avery Johnson, Tim Duncan…as you can guess, I'm in San Antonio……yep…i know dudes who were on the team with them that exposed them in many conversations….it's just part of it. NBA…NOTHING BUT ASS…lol

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