Shaunie & Shaq Reality Show May Hit Airwaves

Remember talks of a reality show for Shaq and Shaunie? Word on the street now is that one network may still be interested in picking up the show currently in limbo in lieu of the recent separation Shaunie filed last week to end the couple’s tumultuous marriage once again. Shaunie first filed papers for legal separation as a result of various problems including accusations of Shaq hiding assets from her. Cable network A&E is no stranger to reworking shows whose stars have chosen to go a different direction in their personal lives before a show has made it ways to the airwaves.

TMZ first reported the soon to be ex lovebirds had been shopping the family style show earlier this year. Entitled “Love Shaq”, the reality concept was suppose to be the black equivalent of “The Newlyweds” show that was Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s claim to fame and ultimately ended in their bitter demise. How much would you like to bet the show would be less “Run’s House” wholesome and more “The Osburnes” given the two parents sorrid past with Shaunie cheating with her personal trainer and Shaq sowing his wild oats with countless groupies and reportedly Gilbert Arenas fiance, Laura Govan? Nonetheless, A&E has confirmed that it is considering purchasing the show for inclusion in its programming lineup.

Given the two will be entangled in a bitter divorce and child custody battle sooner than later, if A&E did give the show a greenlight, it may be revamped ala “Real Housewives of Atlanta” style with Shaunie being the LA version Sheree, a divorcee with kids once married to pro-athlete trying to carve out a niche of her own independent of her ex-husband. Now all she needs is actual business endeavors outside of sticking it to Shaq and receiving spousal support. Perhaps that should be her focus given she is seeking full custody of their four children instead of continuing her ill-earned time in the limelight.

Either way, things just got more dysfunctional.

Shaq and Shaunie In Happier Times


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