Video: Ron Artest On Jimmy Kimmel Live In Only His Boxer Shorts

The back story on this is pretty interesting. According to several people in the Houston Rockets organization Ron Ron would often show up on the team bus with nothing on except his boxers. The funny thing is sometimes executives or VIPs the team are trying to impress would be allowed to ride the team bus. Imagine their shock when Artest would show up with less clothes on than Beyonce has had on in any of her last 40 videos.

This is not to be confused with the story of Artest sneaking into the Lakers shower after they lost to the Celtics to console a nude Kobe Bryant. He does address that with Kimmel.

The interview is pretty good. I am sure the ladies liked it in the audience.

I have a saying:

“Normal is boring”


I like Ron Artest in all his peculiar ways. He maybe a little crazy, but that is what makes him interesting.

People remember interesting people. It is the reason Dennis Rodman name still comes up. Not saying Artest will be dressing up in a wedding gown if he goes on Letterman but you never know.

My people within the Lakers organization says he hasn’t been a problem at all and has done whatever Phil Jackson has asked him to do.

From the interview you can tell he is happy to be LA and a happy Artest could be the key to another Lakers’ championship.

Here is the interview in it’s entirety. Try to keep your shirt on ladies.

16 thoughts on “Video: Ron Artest On Jimmy Kimmel Live In Only His Boxer Shorts

  • yeah, this guy is normal…..

  • this guys the man HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • ron ron is the new rodman minus the dress..

  • wow, i didnt realize how annoying and stupid this retard is until now. He needs to be locked up somewhere. No wonder he acked some random fan in the face what a loser lakers suck go cavs all tha way

    • Cavs have no chemisty. Lebron leaves at the end of the season.
      Lakers win another championship.
      Cavs suck.

    • That was such a stupid comment. I bet if Ron Ron had signed for the Cavs you'd be all over his d**k.

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