*Wait* 50 Cent Gets Into a Scuffle With…Marv Albert??

I understand that 50 Cent has to be upset right about now. His CD is about to flop and he has to resort to cheap tricks to get any attention (bringing Rick Ross son to Floyd Mayweather’s house or using Beanie Siegel to try to bait Jay Z), but a scuffle with Marv Albert?

According to the LA Times, both Marv and 50 were scheduled to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night and the following happening:

As Albert arrived, with an entourage of one, TNT public relations specialist Jeff Pomeroy, there was a sudden scuffle when a multitude of 50 Cent protectors seemed unfamiliar with Albert. There was shouting (“It’s Marv Albert,” yelled a Kimmel show guard, a pronouncement that seemed to have no effect on the 50 Cent phalanx.) There were obscenities. A fist or two flying. A “Don’t you put your hands on me” pronouncement.

*Jigga Voice*

Hold up.

For someone who claims to be “gangster” why does 50 Cent feel the need to travel with a bunch of hired thugs? This is the same 50 Cent who calls out a different rapper every single day and proclaims to be the “hardest” emcee in the game. Of course he makes more “youtube” videos than good songs these days, but I digress.

Besides “cross dressing” what possible threat could Marv Albert and his assistant could have to 50 Cent and his five million bodyguards?

Could it be 50 Cent is concern that his “act” which is what it is might put him in possible in real danger?

How long before 50 comes out with a diss song on Marv with Stuart Scott doing the hook?

What are wrong with these dudes? SMH.

5 thoughts on “*Wait* 50 Cent Gets Into a Scuffle With…Marv Albert??

  • This nigga crazy b. Got hella bread but crazy as an ally cat

  • Funny, ESPN just posted a story stating that according to Marv, this isn't true. Now from the tone of your post it seems you don't like 50 cent that much and thats very understandable, he isnt that likable. But in the name of fairness, make sure you post Marv's side of the story. Also in this age of camera/video phones, if something like that really went down, don't you think it would have been some kind of footage. Shame on the LA Times for running this story without the facts….TSK TSK TSK!

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