Braylon Edwards Sued by America’s Top Model Nik Pace for 70g in Child Support

Doesn’t matter if you are a NFL playeror a man who works for Sanford & Son part time if you father a child even if it was a one night stand you need to “man up” and take responsibility both financially and personally.

With that being said women are getting a little out of control with what I call:


Kelis the ex wife of rapper Nas originally got a judgment for 90,000 a month for their new born child (it has since be reduced to a mere $53,000 and yes I am being sarcastic).

Having a baby shouldn’t be like winning the powerball. I understand that the child needs to be taken care of, but the most important words in that is:


According to the NY Post the entire dispute is about money. Edwards wanted to be recognized as the Father in Georgia so he could pay less according to Pace’s lawyer. Pace blocked that in filed in New York to get more money according to Edwards’ lawyer.


The one thing no one is talking about is how they are working out how the child will be able to spend time with the both parents.

I do agree that Edwards should have to pay child support, but $70,000 a month is ridiculous. I have a young child and it doesn’t take $70,000 a month for her to be happy.

We are in a recession where people would be happy with $70,000 a year asking for $70,000 a month is crazy. Especially when you consider Miss Pace has a “flourishing” modeling career according to her since she was in the finals of America’s Top Model.

The fact of the matter is Ms. Pace wants to live a lifestyle fitting of a NFL wife, when the reality she was a NFL Jump off.

Once again sleeping with an athlete or entertainer shouldn’t be seen as golden ticket and it really shows the type of person you are.

As far the athlete or entertainer is concerned this is just another example of them not using there proper head when making decisions on who to sleep with.

I have said this many times:

“A 12 pack of condoms cost $8 and baby by a jump off will cost you 25% if your income. Do the math.”

The loser in all of this is the child which is always the sad part of the situation because money can never replace quality time with a parent.

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