Breaking News: Tracy McGrady Rockets Career Over..Team Will Pursue Trade

Amazingly Tracy McGrady only made it back on the Rockets’ for six games before he started to complain about playing time, took his ball and went home.

Since then the Rockets have been pretty silent on the situation until now. According to here is what they had to say.

The Houston Rockets have granted Tracy McGrady an indefinite leave from the team and will work with his representatives to find a new home for the seven-time All-Star via trade, according to sources close to the process.

McGrady has one more year left on his contract worth 23 million dollars (highest in the league) and is just coming back from a year long rehab from microfracture surgery.

Here is my issue with McGrady.

The Rockets were playing well after McGrady got hurt last year and they have played well without him this year. Who is he to come in and demand playing time?

No one plays more of a team game than the Houston Rockets and McGrady coming back acting as if he is Lebron James had to make everyone in the organization upset.

We talk about being a good teammate all the time correct?

He would have been a great teammate if he just accepted his role and not pouted and complained like he has done for the a lot of his career. He has pulled this crybaby routine before, but the facts are no team he has ever been an active participant has made it out of the first round of the playoffs (they seem to be able to do it when he isn’t active though).

The facts are while I know he worked hard to get back he isn’t an elite player anymore (regardless of the all star votes). He is just a recognizable name, but beyond that Allen Iverson has more in the tank than McGrady. He is a 6th, 7th rotation man at best.

Any team that trades for him that thinks he is going to lead them to the promise land is sadly mistaken.

4 thoughts on “Breaking News: Tracy McGrady Rockets Career Over..Team Will Pursue Trade

  • ok can I make a suggestion that the Sixers negotiate for him? I think he needs a team that is hype so that he can get use the moment to actually play. Put him along side AI and see how it goes.

  • i actually thought he was done 3yrs ago…I had friends who said he was like Scottie Pippen… NOT!!!! Scottie knew his role….McGrady bought into the hype….to bad the check bounced…

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