Brett Favre Tells Brad Childress “Know Your Role & Shut Your Mouth”

And you thought Lebron James was the only player coach in professional sports.

Brett Favre in his best Denzel Washington “Training Day” voice basically said:


The great thing about the whole Brad Childress vs. Brett Favre cat fight is that Childress tried to act like it didn’t happened and Favre was like screw that here is what happened.

I love it.

Childress tried to pull Brett out of the game and Brett told him:


Can we get a Rock YouTube please?

Peep the Favre quote:

“”We were up 7-6. Yeah, it’s not 70-6, but we’re up 7-6,” Favre quote. “So I said, ‘I’m staying in the game, I’m playing.”

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Unlike most I don’t think it is a very big deal and Favre was right.  It won’t splinter the locker room or anything like that.  But don’t get it confused Favre is in charge right now.  Brad Childress got a fat contract extension not because he is any better of a coach than he was last year, but because he has a better quarterback.

In essence Favre to the “Lil Youngster” Childress to take a seat.

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  • With that 'stache Childress and lil youngsters shouldn't be in the same sentence.

  • couldn't add any more, but, side note… i forgot who was doin it but, did that "best qb ever" article ever get printed?

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