Video: Brandon Stokley Ejected For Pimp Slapping Official’s Hand

When I first looked at it I thought Stokley had hit the official hand by accident. that he was just swinging his arm in disgust and it made contact with the official.

Upon further review Stokley intentionally slapped the official hand away because the official was telling Stokley to go to the bench after complaining about a non call.

I have always liked Stokley as a player, but I want you to watch what happens closely.

After not getting the penalty Stokley runs at least twenty yards at full speed toward the official. He pleads his case and when the official tells him to go to the bench he slaps the his hand away.

He slapped it away Money Mike Pimpin Style. If you touch an official you are ejected and he did it on purpose, so no question it was the right call.

Luckily for Stokley the media doesn’t consider him to be a “diva” receiver or this would be front page news.

But the reality is that the Broncos needed him in this game and he showed very bad judgment. He couldn’t keep his cool and it cost his team.

Any way you look at it very bad on Stokley’s part.

14 thoughts on “Video: Brandon Stokley Ejected For Pimp Slapping Official’s Hand

  • Why didn't the official call interference when a novice could see it? Stokley was wrong to lose his composure for sure. If one watched the whole game, it was clear the refs went overboard to assure Denver lost, Denver had been flagged more times in this game than any game in the last 6 years, in addition an overturn of a call on the field, in which the replay appeared inconclusive finally lost them the game. Refs/Eagles 30, Broncos 27.

  • I don't know about the refs going overboard to ensure a Denver loss. Denver had PLENTY of opportunities to WIN that game (trust me.. I watched the whole thing in my usual NFC EAST horrified face). The INT that was followed by 2 STUPID penalties and subsequent turnovers…the refs don't capitalize on that. Players do.
    What about the tipped ball in the endzone? Had the Bronco caught that.. would have been a different game.
    If the play you are talking about is the Maclin catch in which he dragged his feet and had possession of the ball -I don't know what you saw. That was not inconclusive it was clearly a catch. It takes a lot more to overturn a call on the field than to back it up.
    In the end, there are missed calls in games all the time, it would have meant a 1st down at around mid-field for like 7 yards. You NEVER touch a ref. EVER. A professional should know better. Good teams find a way to win games. I'm sure the Saints are pointing more fingers at themselves than crying about the Bucs.

  • Stokely was out of line, but the Ref's shouldn't taunt players either. By holding his finger in Stokely's face the ref is basically taunting him. When Stokely ran up to him he should have turned away, instead he walked into Stokely, made first contact with his finger pointing and perpetuated what should have been nothing.

    • I do agree with that. The ref didn't need to do all that

  • Of course, the player runs 20 yards to where the ref is, argues then strikes him and ref is to blame. Nope, Stokely is solely to blame for what happened.

  • I just watched it again. When did the ref put his finger is Stokley's face?

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