Video: Danny Green 1st Rd KO of Roy Jones Jr

As soon as Roy Jones was KOed by the “closed eye” left hook of Antonio Tarver his career was over. Yes he kept fighting, but my contention has always been that when you fight at such a high level like Roy Jones Jr two things can happened when you get knocked out or severely beaten.

A- You comeback stronger.


B- You are never the same.

Guys like Roy Jones and to a lesser extent Jermain Taylor are never the same after that first big KO. So I wasn’t shocked when Jones was KO but not even that hard of a punch by Danny Green. He has been a shot fighter for years.

Time to hang em up Roy, but you seriously get hurt.

4 thoughts on “Video: Danny Green 1st Rd KO of Roy Jones Jr

  • How does B. Hop think someone wants to watch him fight RJJ?

    • From what I read,(Correct me if I’m wrong) but the fight with B. Hopkins and Roy Jones was only on if they both won there current fights. So is this fight not going to happen now?

  • The fight is scheduled to happen on April 17th at Mandalay Bay.

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