Railing from 2 consecutive losses, Brett Favre and his legion of purple and gold warriors are beginning to feel the cold. While they rest comfortably at 11-3, their foothold on a no. 2 seed in the NFC is slipping away. Not that Favre’s fondness for throwing interceptions is the sole factor in this dip to mediocrity, other Vikings have had a hand in the teams recent demise. Yet, history speaks for itself and since 2005, Favre has notably dipped in accuracy and performance when the temperature drops and as the season neared the playoffs. Although struggling with Jay Cutler at the helm, the Chicago Bears have one chance to oust their NFC North rival and that is to pressure an already shaky ‘Old Armslinger’ into pass happy inferiority. Will the Bears manage to put the Vikings on ice or will the Vikings thaw out from a chilling losing streak?

1) Who Can Intercept The Best — And I don’t mean who can intercept passes. I’m speaking of the God Favre and ex Broncos primadonna quarterback, Jay Cutler in a battle of who can throw the most interceptions. With Cutler at the helm averaging 1.4 interceptions per game, the Bears offense has been experiencing a meltdown that has been become synonymous with Chicago as their home at Soldier Field. Currently Favre holds the league record for the most interceptions thrown. Could the old moniker “History repeats itself” prove an advantage for the Bears lie in rushing the passer?

2) I Can Run It — Despite the Vikings deficiency in the passing game, the Vikings still hold one of the most explosive running back’s in the game in Adrian Peterson (affectionately known as AP). With a suspect offensive line, the Bears only stand a chance putting the Vikings on ice if they can block Minnesota’s sputtering running game.

3) Baby Its Cold Outside — One would think that the frigid arctic in Minnesota would prep one for sub zero temperatures. Perhaps the cold induces an onset of rheumatoid arthritis, either way God Favre has been known to dip in passing efficiency when the temperatures kiss 28 degrees or less. Current temperature in Chicago: 25 degrees.

4) Swagger — There’s no doubt that a hard fall from elite NFL quarterback to below average does a number on confidence. With 25 interceptions in 2009 alone combined with a 71% QB ratio, Cutler has anything but swagger. Its gonna take a combination of head coach, Lovie Smith putting a choke hold to reel in the floundering QB and support from the offensive line to get this quarterback’s sexy back.

5) Defenseless — The fear in opponent’s eyes at the thought of facing the Bears defense is no more. Lions and Tigers and Bears? Seriously? With the losses of key players such as Brian Urlacher, Bears rivals and enemies are more likely to face than a love tap than a mauling on defense.

Winner: Minnesota Vikings

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