1st Picture of Tiger Woods at Mississippi Sex Clinic? You Make The Call


Last week we reported was getting “treated” at a Mississippi Sex Clinic.

Of course Tiger has been reported in a lot of places including playing Call of Duty with me over the weekend, so I took that report of the “Sex Clinic” with a grain of salt.

But the National Enquirer has been camped up outside of the facility and snapped this mysterious photo of a hooded man who they claim to be Tiger Woods.

The picture similar to the Loch Ness Monster photo. It is hard to make out and the person in the picture head is wrapped up like a Catholic nun, so you can’t 100% say it is Tiger Woods.

But I will let you make the call.

You look at the picture and you tell me if you think it is Tiger Woods.

On an unrelated note I think it is awful Tiger Woods has been forced into “Sex Rehab”. If all men were held to the same standard of Tiger, I gather 87% of us would be in “Sex Rehab”.


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