49ers CB Eric Green Accused of Sodomizing a Tranny Angelina Mavilia

Miss or is it Mr. Angelina Mavilia claims that current San Francisco 49er cornerback got a little frisky with her/him in his condo back in Arizona when he was playing with the Cardinals.

The New York Daily News has details:

Angelina Mavilia’s legal action against San Francisco 49ers cornerback Eric Green alleges he forcibly sodomized her.

The two met in a Scottsdale, Ariz., casino in early 2009 when Green still played for the Arizona Cardinals, the 38-year-old East Side woman says in papers filed in federal court in Florida, where Green was born and lives.
They went back to his condo, where Green, 27, assaulted her, she charges. He then got “extremely agitated and threatening,” according to court documents, and warned: “This never happened. You’d better not tell.”

I am sorry I laughed at:

“You’d better not tell”

Green is very lucky he is a low level NFL Player or this would be front page news. At this point it is more humorous than anything else (I am sure not funny to Green, but I digress).

Mr/Miss Mavilia did not file a police report and you know how I feel about people who go straight to civil court when they allege a violent crime has happened.

So I am taking this with a grain of salt.

If I can put on my detective hat I am going to assume that when Green found out the she was a he, he got a bit upset and who knows what occurred after that.

Always check the merchandise before you leave the store I say.

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  • This wasn't the crying game. Apparently, it had the operation.

  • but if the merchandice is a knock off sometimes it takes a bit of time to realize it's a fake

  • but to quote a comic who's name i forget, if her nails matches her toes, her hair is did up perfectly, her makeup is flawless, her toes are pretty, her booty sits up just right, she aint' got no corns on her feet, her eyebrows are arched just right, etc etc… That bitch is a man

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