Mark McGwire Why I Don’t Care By Diva D

PAUSSEEE! Stop the presses! The Homerun King has admitted that he took steroids over a span of 10-years during his professional baseball playing career. And it only took 5 years to admit his habit.

Shocking, right? No, its not. Who cares. But what is shocking or belittling is that Mark McGwire unsuccessfully tried to fool America, fans and the game of baseball with his watered-down denial of drug use over the years as a player. He sat in a nicely fitted suit, testified under oath and blatantly avoided the questions during a Congressional hearing, stating simply, “I am not here to talk about that, but only about the subject and future,” when asked about his pill-popping and needle injecting tendencies.

I wasn’t fooled. And neither were you. A woman can’t drop 10 dress sizes and hundreds of pounds in months without a little surgical help, can she? (See Star Jones her admittal, pre-post op pics) and McGwire couldn’t be a mini-hulk in Oakland and slam consistent long-balls and break Roger Maris homerun record of 70 with the Cardinals in 1998, without help, could he? No.

If it makes anyone feel better that he submitted a written press release expressing his betrayal while hiding behind an electronically forwarded apology email, then hold your head up, poke your chest out and hope that he, Pete Rose and perhaps even Barry Bonds hold a conference call on their strategy to make it into the Baseball Hall Of Fame. On to the next one, McGwire. It’s too late and nobody cares.

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  • NJ Nets Shawne Willams sold drugs during game? GEEESSH!

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