Play The Game: Mark McGwire Admits To Steriods..What Others Can Admit To..


So Mark McGwire admits to using steroids. That is great because it allows me to play the game:


Feel free to add on:

Gucci Mane admits to not being a good rapper.
Tiger Woods admits to liking white women.
Michael Jordan admits to being addicted to gambling.
Beyonce admits to wearing a wig.
Oprah admits to being a lesbian.
Puff Daddy admits to lusting for Adam Lambert.
Ray Lewis admits to being preachy.
Manny Pacquiao admits to being on the juice. *wait*
Floyd Mayweather admits not to fight top fighters for business decisions.
Braylon Edwards admits to drawing on his beard.
Michael Cradtree admits to rocking an S-Curl.
Jermaine Jackson finally admits how his Box Curl is made of steal.
Sarah Palin admits to being a freak.
Soulja Boy admits he could never be a Solider.
Joe Budden admits he is only famous now cause his ex girlfriend had a fat booty.
Myspacemodels admit to not being real models
Flavor Flav admits he knows none of those women on his show was attracted to him.

Those are just a couple to get you started.


  1. Brett Farve admits to being indecisive
    Kanye West admits to having a big ego…oh wait….
    Lil Kim admits to having platic surgery
    NBC admits to Jay Leno not being funny

    …I'll be back… lol…

  2. ay, budden is gettin fame, slaughterhouse video on mtv lol, where the tahiry pics?

    haha jermaine jackson is like a walkin wax figure aint he

  3. Most female "sports bloggers/models" admit to using blogs and twitter as a way to get close to athletes.

    Most female "sports bloggers/models" admit to being scorned and heart broken ex girlfriends, mistresses, and jump offs of athletes.

    • hmm…first i blogged for real, so no quotes needed. second, unless you've met 'most' female bloggers – i dont know how you can make that presumption. i blogged for fun and for my fans (none of whom were athletes). and how are bloggers and models lumped together? i vote no.

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