Play The Game: Mark McGwire Admits To Steriods..What Others Can Admit To..

So Mark McGwire admits to using steroids. That is great because it allows me to play the game:


Feel free to add on:

Gucci Mane admits to not being a good rapper.
Tiger Woods admits to liking white women.
Michael Jordan admits to being addicted to gambling.
Beyonce admits to wearing a wig.
Oprah admits to being a lesbian.
Puff Daddy admits to lusting for Adam Lambert.
Ray Lewis admits to being preachy.
Manny Pacquiao admits to being on the juice. *wait*
Floyd Mayweather admits not to fight top fighters for business decisions.
Braylon Edwards admits to drawing on his beard.
Michael Cradtree admits to rocking an S-Curl.
Jermaine Jackson finally admits how his Box Curl is made of steal.
Sarah Palin admits to being a freak.
Soulja Boy admits he could never be a Solider.
Joe Budden admits he is only famous now cause his ex girlfriend had a fat booty.
Myspacemodels admit to not being real models
Flavor Flav admits he knows none of those women on his show was attracted to him.

Those are just a couple to get you started.

10 thoughts on “Play The Game: Mark McGwire Admits To Steriods..What Others Can Admit To..

  • The East Coast admits they're no longer relevant in the hip-hop game.

  • Brett Farve admits to being indecisive
    Kanye West admits to having a big ego…oh wait….
    Lil Kim admits to having platic surgery
    NBC admits to Jay Leno not being funny

    …I'll be back… lol…

  • *plastic

  • ay, budden is gettin fame, slaughterhouse video on mtv lol, where the tahiry pics?

    haha jermaine jackson is like a walkin wax figure aint he

  • Most female "sports bloggers/models" admit to using blogs and twitter as a way to get close to athletes.

    Most female "sports bloggers/models" admit to being scorned and heart broken ex girlfriends, mistresses, and jump offs of athletes.

    • hmm…first i blogged for real, so no quotes needed. second, unless you've met 'most' female bloggers – i dont know how you can make that presumption. i blogged for fun and for my fans (none of whom were athletes). and how are bloggers and models lumped together? i vote no.

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