Steven Jackson’s Accuser Supriya Harris Releases Statement Exclusively to BSO


Yesterday we covered the various reports on the accusation from Supriya Harris against Saint Louis Rams star running back Steven Jackson.

Miss Harris claims that Jackson abused her while she was nine months pregnant.  Miss Harris says this is a pattern of abuse and believes it is important that she speaks out now.

She filed a police complaint ten months after the alleged incident yesterday in Las Vegas. posted a picture of the alleged wound that Jackson caused to Miss Harris during the attack.

Jackson released a statement denying the claims and it should be noted he has not been charged or arrested.

We received an email from Miss Harris yesterday with a brief statement on why she is coming out now with these accusations against Jackson.

Here is what she had to say:

“‘Domestic violence is never acceptable and I stood up, against all odds and spoke up. I would not wish this on my worst enemy, so you can say ‘I’m a woman scorned’ but I left Steven because if his abusive nature and the truth cannot be denied.”

I asked a follow up question on if she wanted to address the people who say this is just about money and her quote was this:

“It’s a shame that people automatically think there is money involved, I simply gave my statement to police. There is no monetary gain in that action. I have a son with Steven and I hope that Steven addresses this issue and gets the necessary help so that our son doesn’t adopt this behavioral problem. Violence against women is never ok and to have it happen, at that time, right before I was due to give birth was very disturbing for me.

I spoke up because, sadly I’m sure there is someone else going through that, as we speak.”

We are currently reaching out to Steven Jackson to see if he has any comment.


  1. You should have handled this immediately. What? Did the recession get you down? If you thought this was unacceptable behavior you would have taken appropriate legal action asap. That scar from TMC could have been from a childhood fall for all we know. Why don't you do like everyone else and just write a book?

    • I TOTALLY agree Carmen. That's the first thing I thought about when I read this story. Why would you wait EONS later to tell the story if it's so "important" and needs to be spoken about?! I don't condone it, but it makes me think that she is coming from another angle (monetary gain) being that she reported this so many months later.

    • It gets to me when people say stuff like this because anyone who has ever dealt with a woman who was rape, most of the time it is not reported immediately and it is not unusual for her to go months or years without saying anything and a good amount of the time it is never reported. When I was in college I knew many of women who were raped and I've actually walked in on guys attempting to rape women. At one point a time in college it was a biweekly thing to see or hear a guy trying to rape a girl. And each time no girl pressed charges, the either wanted to go home and forget about it or made a lot of excuses for the guy. So her waiting to say something is very normal.

      But again hopefully this isn't true.

  2. Domestic violence is a touchy subject…some WOMEN go for years before coming forth! I do not know this victim personally; however, the accuser well,ummmmmm let's just say this IS his MO!!!!!

  3. I know nothing of this lady or this Steven Jackson, but NO ONE but her knows what she was going through during this incident. Even if you have been a victim of domestic violence it doesn't mean that your situation is or was the same as hers. People do things when they feel it's best for them, not for when society thinks they should. I'm so sick of Judgmental people thinking that everything is motivated by money. Whether is ends up with money being involved is not the issue.

    • I know her personally……she is well educated with a Masters degree from Florida State……..and comes from a very religious family….she is very caring and sweet and would not hurt a fly!!!! I BELIEVE HER!!

      • I went to FSU and i know of her, She is well known around the NFL, She has dated more than 10 NFL players that i know of… She has been a Groupee since she left FSU,


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