Vanessa Lopez Called “Worst One-Night Stand Ever” By NBA Star Kenyon Martin

Miss Lopez is making quite a name for herself.

She is currently suing Shaq and has had legal run ins with both Delonte West and JJ Reddick.

You may remember BSO reporting how Kenyon Martin accused Miss Lopez of stealing his credit card and going on a shopping spree. sheds more light on that story.

According to a 2007 police report filed in Colorado, Martin — a former #1 pick — claimed that Lopez got into his wallet without permission and used his credit card to buy $6485.90 worth of clothes on

Martin’s bank notified him of the fraudulent charges when they noticed an incorrect billing address was being used for the purchases.

According to the docs, the case was cracked because the perp shipped all the merchandise to a “Vanessa Lopez” in Florida

So Martin break lamps with Miss Lopez and while he is admiring his kissing lips tattoo in the mirror she steals his credit card. 

Being the master thief that she is, she had all the clothes shipped to her real address with her real name.

Ironically when I am teaching my “Dean of Nohology” classes one of the things I stress is that if you are going to have a one night stand or any type of relations like that, you lock up your valuables and cash in a safe.

Obviously Kenyon Martin missed that class.

Miss Lopez in my opinion needs a psychology examine ASAP.  I just hope Tiger Woods have never met this woman in his life.

6 thoughts on “Vanessa Lopez Called “Worst One-Night Stand Ever” By NBA Star Kenyon Martin

  • and is it ok or legal to post articles and pics as long as u site the place u received the info from?

  • wow so much drama. celeb drama never seems to end, its like a crazy reality show

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