Vanessa Lopez Legal Documents Against Shaq..Read Lawsuit

I have come to the conclusion that Miss Lopez is either incredibly smart or insane. We know she is a thief. Just ask Kenyon Martin.

The things that Miss Lopez is claiming in her 17 page lawsuit I could totally see happening, but her credibility is shaky at best right now.

She is a woman who has cried goldigger errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wolf a few too many times, so it is hard to take her seriously.

In her defense, knowing what we know about Shaq it would be shortsighted to think that she is 100% lying.

It isn’t like Shaq is the most virtuous person in the world.

According to, the alleged problems started when Shaq thought Lopez was seeing another guy (considering she has dealt with the entire NBA, Shaq was a little slow if he thought during there five year affair she wasn’t breaking lamps with someone else.).

Lopez says after she broke up with Shaq, his sisters (who are 6’8″ & 6’6″) started to harass her. But here is the funniest part of the whole lawsuit:

Lopez claims, Shaq hacked into her voice mail and text messages, using sophisticated software.

Shaq can barely work twitter or send a simple email. I doubt he could use the “sophisticated software” needed to break into someone’s phone, but I digress.

You can read the entire lawsuit here and make your own judgments.

4 thoughts on “Vanessa Lopez Legal Documents Against Shaq..Read Lawsuit

  • Do you mind if I send you corrections of your grammatical errors? =)

  • So because she's slept w/a few NBA players that makes her not credible? Also, nowhere in the lawsuit did she say that Shaq himself hacked into her phone. She said he hired someone to do it. He has the resources to do this. Shit, I know people who can hack into things & I'm not a multi-millionaire.

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