Video: Reggie Bush TD Run..Proposal To Kim Kardashian Attached To Super Bowl?


Before the Saints vs. Cardinals game, I got a tip that led me to a radio interview with Kim Kardashian.  Kim was speaking on how she isn’t in a rush to get married, but her boyfriend Reggie Bush made a deal with her.

If the Saints won the Super Bowl he would propose to her.

Here is the quote from the Hollywood Crush:

Kim said that while she’s not trying to rush bf Reggie into proposing, she did get him to agree to a deal. The terms, If Reggie’s team, the New Orleans’s Saints, wins the Super bowl, then he has to propose to Kim.

I went on Twitter to figure out what this meant for the Saints and most people had the same response:


But once the game started something happened and we all were shocked.

Reggie Bush transformed from a “Sideline Joke” (you know the joke every time he touches the ball just look to the sideline that is where he will end up) into “Earl Campbell”.

Either he is really in love with Kim or he realized if he played poorly everyone would blame his lady.

His TD run conjured up memories of Bush at USC and it was a thing of beauty (I am talking about the run not Kim).


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