Broncos RB Knowshown Moreno Questioned By Police For Bar Brawl


It makes you wonder if these guys will ever learn.  When you are a high profile athlete I am not saying you have to stay in the house 24/7, but if you are going to go out just be aware of your surroundings and at the first sign of trouble you need to leave.

No matter what the story is or who is at fault your name is going to get associated with it.  The latest to fall prey to this is Broncos running back Knowshown Moreno.

Here is the story according Fanhouse:

A University of Georgia student has filed a police report saying that Moreno punched him at an Athens, Ga., bar last weekend. Moreno, who played his college ball at Georgia, had apparently headed back to the area after the season ended.

The student who claims he was punched suffered a concussion. According to the police report, he wasn’t sure that Moreno hit him — he was drunk and he was knocked out so his memory of the event is pretty foggy. But the students’ friends told him that Moreno was the one who hit him. A police spokesman is saying that Moreno has said that he was punched first, so the police are sorting through the stories before determining if there are any charges to file.

Moreno is a young guy and I am sure a lot of his friends are probably still at the University of Georgia, but he has to realize he is in the National Football League.  He can’t be brawling in a bar on a college campus.

Doesn’t matter who punched who, as soon as you sense danger you have to run like Ray Lewis is chasing you.  You don’t want to be in Roger Goddell office and more importantly you don’t want to be in a jail cell.

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