BSO Exclusive: Pictures of Warren Sapp’s Accuser?

Yesterday Sports By Brooks ran a story about someone tweeting about Warren Sapp being wrongly accused in his domestic battery charge.

Brooks wondered if that could be the victim?

I have no clue if she is, but my tipster says this woman could be the accuser.

If you go to her twitter page it is locked but if you look at her Twitter lists under “mypapi” it list QB Killa which is Sapp’s twitter handle.

We are working on additional confirmation, but we believe this is the women who was involved in the incident, but that has not been confirmed 100%.

This is like a Unsolved Mystery and I have an email out to this young lady to make a comment either confirming or denying.

Here are the pics:

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  • I am not going to get involved in this matter because really, it is none of my business! The one thing I do have tosay is that this is a legitimate comment and it is 100% truthful. The woman in this picture is one of my best friends and ABSOLUTELY IS NOT THE ACCUSER in this matter. That is a completely different person. As a ture friend, I am compelled to comment, even if it falls on deaf ears and blind eyes! To my wonderful and dear friend, this too shall pass and I have your back come hell and high water!

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