BSO Exclusive: Steven Jackson’s Accuser Supriya Harris Claims Previous 911 Call


In this on going story about Steven Jackson being accused of assaulting his then nine month pregnant girlfriend Supriya Harris more details are starting to come in.

The Las Vegas Police Department are still investigating the complaint and has not charged Jackson with anything.

Miss Harris though, claims she has provided the Las Vegas PD with additional evidence to back up her claims that he was abusive. Here is what she had to say:

I called the police in Cottleville, MO, on Nov. 3-4, 09, for a domestic dispute at his St. Peters’ home. The police came and they helped me get my belongings.

He didn’t hit me that day but we were arguing and I felt it was coming to that so I called them to diffuse the situation and get me out of there. I was only there because I brought my son to visit and of course, he flips out and since I know what he was capable of, I just didn’t want things to get out of hand.

I personally contacted the Cottleville police department to confirm the story, but they have not gotten back with me. Miss Harris claims to have a copy of police report and has forwarded that to the Las Vegas Police Department.

We are currently trying to track down the police report and when we do, we will post it.


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