Kenyon Martin Might Want To Call Trina. Nude Cell Phone Pics Released

I can’t lie I probably have enough photos on the BSO Blackberry to start a soft porn site, but I am a man of morals. No matter what happened in a break up I wouldn’t release those photos to the public.

Alas most people don’t have my morals, so stuff like this happens.

The rapper Trina’s ex boyfriend has been threatening to release nude photos of her for years and finally has went through on that threat.

More of a story for TheYBF than BSO except that half of the photos include Denver Nuggets Forward Kenyon Martin. Which leads me to once again point out how careful athletes have to be in regards to who they are dealing with. Especially when the “Deep Throat” in the video is suggesting that Trina has some sort of STD (just looks like hives or a rash to me).

What is up with dude’s voice? Is it really that serious?

Then again I just ran a story where a “Jump Off” was considered a legitimate source for a sports story, so maybe it is that serious.

I am curious how another man would come into possession of pics of Trina with Martin in a hotel, but maybe he has a Detective hat as well.

Martin and Trina are no longer together, but once again athletes need to be really careful about who they date. Cause the implication was he was dealing with a Ron Mexico lady.

This video is not safe for work, so don’t play if you anywhere that can get you fired, but you can see the pics, the so called STD, Martin and Trina cozy in the hotel with commentary from “Deep Throat”:

Watch the Video

Do not click on the nude picture links if you are at work. They are not work friendly:

Trina Nude Pic #1

Trina Nude Pic #2

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