Mavericks Guard Caron Butler Banned From Chewing Straws? What We Talkin Bout?

March Madness Picks

The NBA is where you can trade a player away and in 30 days get him back making the trade a farce.

The NBA is where Tracy McGrady is the highest paid player in the league.

The NBA is where teams tank games just to get a better chance in the lottery.

The NBA is where the refs have John Gotti like connections.

The NBA is where it is all but assured will be dealing with a work stoppage.

The NBA is where FACE/OFF happens.

The NBA has all these issues and more, but they are worried about Caron Butler chewing straws on the bench?


“What we talkin bout?”

The NBA is too worried about dress codes, international exposure and chewing straws than the real issues that is going on in the league.

This is silly and David Stern should be ashamed of himself.

I guess Napoleon didn’t like straws.