PSA To Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice: Pic With Young Girls = Be Careful

So I am minding my own business hanging out with a few friends when my homie Big G sends me the following tweet:

MAN!!! What the hell is wrong with Ray Rice?

My first thought was that he got arrested, but no this is what I see:

My first thought was maybe it isn’t him, but then I see this picture to confirm it is indeed Ray Rice (tattoos match):

Next thought is there must be a logical explanation for this , so I do some digging only to find out Rice posted the picture on his facebook fan page with the following quote.

“Here are some pics of my neighbors.. They always bake me stuff like brownies and cupcakes, they are the best. they also like to cheer me on when I play Madden Football on Xbox 360. I love my friends and fans”

Ray Rice is good guy from what I can tell, but in the immortal words of Jay Z:


Do these guys not watch TV? Do they not know what is going on in 2010? You are guilty until proven innocent.

You can’t be posting pictures of four young (how young is up for debate) white girls in your house talking about they baking your brownies and cupcakes and you are a black man.

Are you insane man?  I know we have a black president and what not, but if you think racism and prejudice is dead you must also think Tiger was the first athlete to ever cheat on his wife.

Ray Rice is a young guy and I am sure this is totally innocent. These girls could be of age, but why even chance it. Not in this environment just not worth it. It is sad it is that way, but that is the way it is.

Once again in the immortal words of Jay Z:


Or in an athlete case the next Tiger Style Press Conference.

Some things shouldn’t be tweeted or put on the internet. You have to be smarter than this because unfortunately our society rather see the negative than the positive.

18 thoughts on “PSA To Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice: Pic With Young Girls = Be Careful

  • Not a good look at all…at all…the girls don't even look 16. C'mon Ray.

  • Are you serious? He's such a good guy that his neighbors trust him and like to hang out with him, and people are saying this crap? Well guess what…Ray Rice doesn't give a **** about what you or any other perverted freaks think.

    • No one is saying he isn't a good guy. It is the opposite. Because he is a good guy I am saying he needs to be more careful.

  • your site sucks dude! ole gossip ass nigga

  • We've had enough black athletes arrested throughout the past year ALONE…

  • I dunno about the pics but wanted to at least say like the new site layout. Cleaner look to it.

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