Sexy Pictures of Steven Jackson’s Accuser Supriya Harris

Last week we brought you the story of Supriya Harris who is accusing Rams Running Back Steven Jackson of physical abuse while she was nine months pregnant.

The police are still investigating, but in the interim our colleague Sports by Brooks has done his own investigation.

While his investigation hasn’t lead to a break in the case or proven anyone’s guilt or innocence,  he has undercover some eye candy of Miss Harris.

Since it is my duty to bring you 24/7 coverage, I am going to present to you the pictures because it is important that we know ummmmm every aspect of the person we are covering.

Enjoy and you might not want to pull them up at work, just a warning.

8 thoughts on “Sexy Pictures of Steven Jackson’s Accuser Supriya Harris

  • I knew I knew this chick, she used to be signed to Titanium Girlz. When all the blogs kept saying she came from a prestigous family and graduated FSU I thought I had the wrong person. But I didn’t she’s a booty model! I didn’t know that was his type. A chick all ur boys have seen nekkid, not a good look.


  • Titanium Girlz are video type models they had a whole squad of chicks nothing wrong with they were all pretty and most are still out doing mags and stuff.

  • One fine sister!

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