The Real/Fake Superman Shaquille O’Neal Suffers Serious Thumb Injury

Who knew that Superman could be taken out by a villain named:


The only real attention Shaq has been getting lately is bickering over a “SuperHero” name with Dwight Howard, but on Thursday night he was hurt during the Cavs vs. Celtics when he was hit by Glen “Big Baby” Davis.

When it happened I figured Shaq being Superman and all would be able to shake off a mere “thumb” injury, but it is being called a “significant”.

Maybe Big Baby is made of Kryptonite.

Alas this “significant” injury could be an issue for the Cavs because the farce of a trade they completed with the Wizards, where they traded Zydrunas Ilgauskas knowing he would be able to resign with them after the Wizards bought him out. Big Z will be allowed to rejoin the Cavs in 30 days. Depending on how long Shaq is out it will leave the Cavs very thin at center.

Every game is important now, as the race for home court throughout the playoffs is very much in the balance. So hopefully Shaq uses the power of the yellow sun to get back on the court soon.

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