Video: Howard Stern Fan Prank Calls ESPN SportsCenter as Brian Westbrook

Been a tough day at the World Wide Leader. First Tony Kornheiser gets suspended for comparing a co-worker’s shirt to a “Sausage Casing” now this.

As you know Brian Westbrook was released today by the Philadelphia Eagles. The late night Sportscenter crew including Scott Van Pelt thought they had an exclusive phone interview with Westbrook.

Lets just say ESPN might be placing an ad shortly for a new “phone screener”.

I guess this fellow is named Captain Janks from The Howard Stern Show and does this often. He claims to be the “King of Prank Calls” and has been a regular guest on Stern’s show for over twenty years.

Even if he is the “King of Prank Calls” this shouldn’t be happening to ESPN.

After the first five words the producer should have instantly thought:

“Hey………..this guy isn’t black…..CUT HIM OFF ASAP!!!

Who did ESPN hire as the “phone screener”? He does know that Brian Westbrook is black right? You can’t let interns do everything (unless you are Bill Clinton).

I am sure they are going to blame Tiger or maybe Howard Stern is a Tony Kornheiser fan.

Scott Van Pelt’s face is CLASSIC. Comedic gold as they say.

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