Allen Iverson Reaches Out To His Fans & Critics via “Twitter”

Allen Iverson has had a bad couple of weeks (actually a bad last 12 months to be honest).

It didn’t get any better today when Stephen A. Smith wrote an article chronicling his gambling and possible alcohol abuse.  His wife is divorcing him and his time in the NBA seems to have run out.

The one thing we do know about Iverson is he is a fighter and in the face of all this he wanted to make a statement.

He went to twitter with this thoughts (of course with Twitter you can never be sure who is writing the tweets.  It is a verified account so you have to make up your own mind if those are his words are not).  You can click the image above to see what he said.

I hope it all works out for Iverson.   He reminds me a lot of Randy Moss, two players who most thought would flame out.  Two players who were called “thugs” before they even got into their respected leagues.  Two players though even with a lot of drama and critics following them from day one, will both be in the Hall of Fame someday.

I am rooting that Allen Iverson has a good comfortable post NBA life and he doesn’t spiral out of control like many before him have.

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  • is that really AI? I mean, he's not even following his daughter so I'm curious..and it still says Philly 😡 lol

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