Ambulance Crew On Tiger Woods’ Car Crash: “It Was Case Of Domestic Abuse”


As I say often we are in the opinion business.  Opinions aren’t fact and unless you were there you can never say something is 100%.

With that being said I am 97% sure that Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren assaulted him in some form or fashion before his accident.

I am also 97% sure he busted out his windows not to save him, but to harm him. 

Now the Florida Highway Patrol investigation documents have been released and here is what they say.

Tiger Woods’ wife handed officers two bottles of pain medicine that she said he had taken earlier in the day, according to investigative records released Friday to the Orlando Sentinel.

She also tried to ride in the ambulance to the hospital with her husband, but the crew wouldn’t let her, saying this was a case of domestic violence, the Florida Highway Patrol records show.

In my mind Tiger’s wife tried to make it seem it was the pain medication that caused the crash as oppose to her beating him down and busting out of his windows.

In essence she framed Tiger.

Cheating isn’t worth all that.  In my opinion Tiger would be better off without her.  I would have paid the millions of dollars and been free of this crazy 9 Iron swinging woman.

4 thoughts on “Ambulance Crew On Tiger Woods’ Car Crash: “It Was Case Of Domestic Abuse”

  • and all this time Elin was portrayed as this heartbroken, shamed, and disrespected wife. Can we really blame Tiger for cheating????? can we???

    • I wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic or not. If that's a serious question I would like to answer. Let me start off by saying that if Elin was physically violent with Tiger then she was absolutely wrong for doing so. Domestic violence is unacceptable and it's NEVER justifiable. To answer the question: Yes. Yes we can blame Tiger for cheating. He decided to get MARRIED and have two kids with Elin. If he wanted to live that lifestyle, he shouldn't have gotten married in the first place. And he definitely shouldn't have had kids.

  • I’d like to make a recommendation? I think that you have got a little something great right here. But let’s suppose you added a couple of links to a internet page that backs up what youre stating? Or perhaps you could give us a little something to look at, anything that would connect what you are declaring to some thing tangible? Just a idea.

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