Best of March Madness Day 1: Quincy Pondexter, Danero Thomas, Ali Farokhmanesh

Pondexter and Thomas videos are very good, but my personal favorite from Day 1 is Ali Farokhmanesh mainly because his name is Ali Farokhmanesh (how cool is that?) and he is about 5’2 110 pounds.

When Ali (how cool is that?) caught the ball about 30 feet out and yelled to my homie Big G:

“NO WAY!!!!”

He proceed to swish it and I jumped up and slammed my knee on the table. I am currently limping. Great stuff from a great day one of March Madness.

Danero Thomas Buzzer Beater: Murray St vs.Vanderbilt 2010 March Madness

Quincy Pondexter Game Winning Drive: Washington vs. Marquette 2010 March Madness

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